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The Morrigan

In contrary to everyone's assumed opinion, I actually enjoy the process of painting characters more than doing environments although my forté is the latter.

Characters are more challenging and you get to interact more emotionally with the subject matter.
I think mastering the human form is the highest goal of any artist anyway.

Doing environments seems pretty dull to me most of the time, believe it or not.

Anyway, this is some Irish celtic legend, the Morrigan or Phantom Queen. Not to be confused with the videogame character (?).

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Sooooo gorgeous!
I like how the image just seems a bit dark at first -- then you notice that she is floating off the ground and the dark level shoots right past gloomy all the way to "The Exorcist."
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ia loove irish culture and everything and this is very beautiful  Love 
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This is so in depth and gives off so many different layers emotions! Dangerous, dark, cold, elegant, and beautiful are just a few of what I feel from this picture. You can definitely tell that this women holds serious power of something dark, old, and for me possible beautiful. After looking her up, I found that she is the Celtic goddess of war, battle, strife, fertility, and one some accounts death and sorcery. She is also depicted as a single goddess or a trio of goddesses and often shown/mentions with crows/ravens. I found all of this represented in you amazing picture, so I say that you did an excellent job!!
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Dream from the sandman comics.
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Thank you so much ! I was looking for a good representation of the Morrigan and I can't believe so many people choose to draw or paint her with huge showing boobs and naked butt. It's so frustrating ! Anyway, thank you for focusing on the actual goddess and not some wannabe sexy playmate :)
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Awesome! Love the colors :D
This looks exactly like what the old woman described seeing in The Blair Witch Project. Whether inspired or not, I must say, the "shading" or "brushing" (if I'm speaking correctly) gives a very ghostly animated quality to it that really brings it to life. The color scheme is great too.
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This is a very impressive drawing of the Celtic Goddess of War. The way she interacts with her crow familiars and is floating above the snow is amazing.
This is my favorite Morrigan on DA so far. I've been looking everywhere for a good one.
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my patron goddess, you do her human form justice.
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I absolutely love this. I love how you interpreted her. Most people make her sexy-looking and devilish, but I feel like you acurately represented her as the creepy, dark, lost soul that she really is. Not even sexy, but hollow, mysterious and haunting with an almost impossible to see haunting beauty...
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the morrigan is actually supposed to be represented as a beautiful,seductive, but serious and stern woman in human form. the goddess of death, war, wisdom and wealth. she is always shown clothed in black feather or naked with blue war paint.
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This is very nice, its the same goddess who stalked Cuchulain right? Crows by themselves are ominous enough, but a goddess of crows? You know something bad is gona happen.
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:omfg: It reminds me so much of myself!!
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Phantom Queen, huh? Better call:


By the way, Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Hideyoshi!
She was the celtic goddess of war, death, fate, vengence, and sorcery. She was far kinder than many think she was, she most commonly appeared as a crow or the washer woman.
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Impressive Morrigan
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You're welcome :)
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This is one of the finest paintings I've ever seen! It's surreal
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