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The Alley

a X-Mas gift for a very special friend.

PS 7, 2 hours, no ref.
my painting style is kinda changing I feel...

figure detail (100%): [link]

I wish you all a successful new year 2007!
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This is freakin' cool! The guy walking down the dark alley really makes an impact and the background only heightens the drama. I love the color of the sky ;)
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awesome work!! :)
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This is an awesome picture! I was just wondering because I'm trying to get into digital painting. How big are your pictures when you make them.
(like ?pxl X ?pxl). I was just curious because the 100% detail of that character is huge.

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this was about 4500 px on the longer side at 300 dpi :)
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wow. thats pretty big!
and thanks a lot!
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yup, needs to be for proper printing :)
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haha. yeah. I'm trying to learn as much as possible about this kind of stuff. I steel need some work obviously but I'm going to try and be like a digital illustrator of some sort as a career. Not sure where to start though. :P
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you might first wanna get your basics down like solid drawing :) Trust me, you won't get far in digital media if you don't master these first!
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yeah. Im always trying to get better. It is mostly inspiration that I'm currently lacking.
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that's some awesome work! ...i have a question do you manage to get the perspective right? ....i mean, when i think about it, it's incredibly easy...but when i try it out, everything goes to hell. :cry:
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Saint GoooooD..!!!
this is reaaaaally AMAZING and Awesome.. I really like this.. the blue light detail seems great comparing the great shadowed enviroment..!!!

congratulations and my better wishes for you..!!
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I can't stop looking at this. :XD:

This picture just looks so... spiritual.

All the bright colours at the top remind me of so many things... like Final Fantasy VII...

and the bottom reminds me of Tomb Raider... and all those sci-fi anime movies... and Blade Runner... and The Matrix Triology...

and the staircase reminds me of The Day After Tomorrow... (don't ask me why)

This is just an amazing picture. I really mean it.

This picture is just... so powerful, so rich, so... beautiful. You are an absolute genius and your work is just out of this world. You are just :XD:-ING AMAZING.
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two words. absolutely amazing.
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two words: thank you!
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wow...stunning. you're very talented!!
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