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SteamJunk Mecha

Wasn't happy with the last mecha so I did another steampunk based version... :P

Something about this guy's upper body is bugging me quite a bit, but I am too lazy to fix it now... mainly it's the perspective being off...
I feel like I am in an extreme artistic slump like I cannot appreciate anything I do or something like that... :(

Here some steps, I actually like wip4 the most because it has the best read I think.

I'd be glad to hear some crits!
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Great job! i love the attention to detail and the creative use of parts to make the mecha. Also, the composition is great. There's something about this that has that Calliebotte look to it. I thought of his painting "Paris Street Rainy Day" when I looked at this.
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Power Rangers Steam Force?
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Wonderful design, It looks very original
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very very very very cool
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i love how its a big mash up of evrything in the city
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Pretty awesome! It's like an early twentieth century Voltron.
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Love the period!
That is great looking/
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This. Is. EPIC! I love it!
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if this is a slump..... hmm I'd say the fading of the upper body has too much of a harsh contrast to it, the hatch/circular bit seems somehow unconnected to the guns above
I like it! I love how the people really give the mecha scale!
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D: -syairind and pointing- ooooooooooo
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Very atractive concept.
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Is that body guard of those people?
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Crazyyyyy!! I love it!!!
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I keep thinking of doing something like with with Seattle's Space Needle. Mecha war needle.
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has a certian 'Robot Wars' look to it :)
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That's fantastic - love the misty effect. Maybe it looks off to you because the brain expects arms?
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This is so awesome, I don't see how you can't appreciate this, I would kill for your skill.
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I like it! As has been said before the body competes with the foreground and the 'roundness' of the perspective with regards to the distinctive shape of the steam engine body both hang my eyes up. Additionally it seems like one leg attaches toward the rear (viewers right) while the other attaches squarely on the side (viewers left).

Still I love the concept and the colors!
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