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Starship Blackbeard

finally able to show this :)
Book cover for Michael Wallace, his sci-fi novel Starship Blackbeard.
Check it out:…
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My Me-276a would fit with this battlecruiser...
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Not gonna lie. Getting some Rocinante & The Expanse vibes off of this. Damn good work.
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Oh yeah, now we're talking :D Awesome creativity you got there man :)
SoveriegnofTruth's avatar
Blackbeards bringing the pain!
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Love the chaos that's gorgeous. The angles of the ships, and the trails and lines of laser fire break up the form of the scene very nicely.
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Great visuals for a great backstory!
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I like how the capital ship on the left is a hollowed out least it looks like one to me. :XD:
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yep, fortress built on an asteroid!
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I love how stylized, yet believable it is.

I also notice that the Blackbeard looks almost like an angry whale, while the vessel it is shooting looks like a ship from the sea.
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oooh loving it ^^
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Awesome textures and use of light, you can feel the motion of it all.
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Wow, looks badass! I love the designs of the ships.
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Reminds me of Harlock. Amazing by the way.
The-Zombie-Hunter's avatar
That reminds me of Project Sylpheed! Amazing Job on the Ship!
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Reminds me of Harlock. Awesome work!
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yep the harlock ship was actually given to me as inspiration
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Your interpretation is very clean and  unique take, on it :)
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