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Space Police Suit

By Hideyoshi
For Industrial Design of the Week, around 4h

and yes, he can pee.
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© 2010 - 2021 Hideyoshi
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yo bro i love your mechs
Blackofhearts's avatar
this is so amazing!
How may I ask could THIS be a speed paintint 0_0 so many details D:
lol Love it great work
Director1265's avatar
Neat figure design. Is it supposed to be an alien? Because if it is, that looks really cool! (not that it wouldn't if it was human).
Grmc's avatar
like it a lot man:)
Living-with-aliens's avatar
I like the design of it a lot, and the colors are fantastic :dummy:
Sketch311's avatar
Amazing! Very original and great use of color!
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Dekus's avatar
oh yeah.. i saw this some day on looking good! nice color palette i say! Looks paintery.. like it was made in corel painter.. was it?
Hideyoshi's avatar
no painter, never!
Dekus's avatar
haha! had enough with the complicated brushes and totally unexpected results? :) Me too.. and probably everyone from our Painter course at school.. The teacher didnt help a shit.. but i somehow managed to create my own set of custom brushes and some of them simulated Photoshop brushes.. so it made working with painter 3000% easier :)
But yeah.. not gona touch it again.. we'll see how new dynamic physical brushes in PS CS5 will work.. i hope they wont be like in Painter.. i Really hope so :)
Hideyoshi's avatar
what you say about CS5 sounds intruiging...
Blueoriontiger's avatar
Hmm...I'd always use to imagine the happenings of the mysterious "Space Police" when I was little. xD
Antaria-Nova's avatar
Awesome design! :clap:
Is that left arm (to the right in the image) some energy-disk launcher or just a energy sawblade? And is the other arm some kind of camera or a weapon?
Hideyoshi's avatar
super soaker and frying pan.
Antaria-Nova's avatar

But seriously. :|
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Ah that reminds me out of an old anime i used to watch. I wish my mind was not so shot from the past week of filming. If i remember ill get back to you!
the-true-meK's avatar
wieder eine sehr schöne arbeit :heart: :aww: die farben sind toll!
Gimlitheone's avatar
Ah man, the coloring is just stunning. See, my fav color is purple. Can't stop watching :D
HakuryuVision's avatar
That's one awesome abillity!
wats that on his left?


bladed frisbee?

record player?

Hideyoshi's avatar
it's all of those combined!
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