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Robin Hood

I think this is my most succesful figure portrayal so far, at least I am happy with it.
It's always fun to interpret historical characters and make up stories around them in your images :) Squeezing in my take on this popular fellow before Russel Crowe's incarnation hits the silver screens so to speak :P This is the current CHOW topic btw.
Didn't have any references (except for the bird) but I realized that my figures benefit hugely from sketching them out first which I usually don't do... (compare the first horrible WIP image oO)
It's funny, but I only realized later that this bird is actually called a 'robin' in english. Maybe my subconscious was at work ;)
Not sure how long it took, something around 8h I think...

Here are the WIPs:
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Beautiful work!
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This is a very nice Robin Hood.
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This is gorgeous!!
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This is very good. I like the "tracking" pose. I also like the mark on the tree. I assume the silhouettes are his "merry men"? Or have the Sheriff's soldiers caught up with Robin?
I'm liking this. It's dark in the foreground making hood and the robin much more pronounced, light in the background giving the guards (i say guards because the look armored and have swords drawn.)in the background a much more ominous feel. It's like he knows they're coming for him and hes not worried about it or he's going to allow them to take him. Any way great piece
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i love the small details like the robin watching over him, the paw print on the tree and the people in the back ground. and how you relate the picture to his name ; robin ( robin on log ) hood ( his hood is up )
very creative i wish i had the amazing skills you do! <3
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How long did you spend on this piece?
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around 8 hours
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well its worth it, looks like you spent AGES on it... :L
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I love this! I can't even begin to describe how awesome this is!! Is that looming danger in the background? The light background makes the darker shading of him and the river and the tree and robin look more pronounced and makes you really focus on him :)
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thanks! Glad to hear positive comments about this piece :)
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I'd be shocked to hear of you getting anything but raving reviews on this peice! :)
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Man, I have been looking through your artwork, you are trully awesome, are you working on any comic or so?
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not right now. I used to draw a lot of manga when I was younger...
theres a short comic in my gallery
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You stopped now :( ? It's sad since you got talent, btw read that manga you made it was nice :)
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very nice, the dark forest colours really blend in and make the picture fit together in a more realistic way
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:D! wow, this is so cool! lol, my school is putting on Robin Hood the play, and i got Marian!!!
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I love how evocative the image is. Looks more interesting than any of the movies.
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wow I really like this! nice job. happy accident having the robin in the picture too, really great touch lol
my imagination wonders after looking at this for a while, like im watching a scene of a movie or something
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That may be cos Im easily distracted lol but I'd honestly say its a testament to your talent that you can really capture someones imagination with your art ;)
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so much in the pose! so much dignity and poise. and a sense of deep terror actually. like dont mess with him
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