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Ominous Winds

Ok, this has been lying on my hard-drive for quite some time, but I finally wanted to post it (don't ask why I only do that now...)! :)
Well, I had started this back in autumn last year, hence the theme of the image...

I had been practising 3D modelling in the hiding, so this is one of my first combinations of 3D modelling and painting.
The tank was modelled in Wings which is a very powerful but free tool! All the rest and overpainting was done in Photoshop.
I like the pilot... :)

- around 15-20 hours maybe, no reference

thx for viewing! :)

EDIT: oh yeah, here is an interesting side-info about the image:
see that little airplane in the sky? that is actually a 3D model of one of my airplane concepts as seen in my speedpainting called "White Queen". :)
I plan to create something with that as well, hehe...
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Hi Hide great work we love your art! If you would like your artwork to be featured in Milk Gallery, a virtual art museum, please contact us! We are looking forward to teaming with you.
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Could I use this for a video please?
Hideyoshi's avatar
what kind? Personal use?
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You should submit this to TELECHRONIVERSE
reminds me of a good afternoon on another planet
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wow.. gorgeous..
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I like the depth in this picture and the contrast between red and blue.
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im speechless!
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Just gorgeous!
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Great work, I thing I need to get this 'wings'.
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im watchin u lol for stuff liek this! spot on!
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amazing, great work :worship:

remind me of ghost in the shell too
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da beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest!
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:wow: wonderful piece dude !
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Great design! I'm doing a quad walker design myself, only as a battleship, not a tank, though I can't say my artistic quality is as good as this.
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so is there a recurring theme to your artwork, because i like what i see. it paints a very interesting world.
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Love it, very Ghost in the Shell
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I like this picture because is really a good design and composition.
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wow...very nice artwork..i luv it very much..

i need a little favor from you. Please check this out :


and i need you critic this artwork as a did you feel about it..
what's is your comment...please critic and give the better idea for me...
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