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Neo Tokyo

Mega cities at night - can't go wrong with that kinda topics! :)
I should do more of these I guess...

well, this emerged kinda brainless anyway, I am not too fond about the composition...

2 hours in PS 7, no ref.

(done for DSG at CGTalk btw, but this is a more refined version)

I might do a very thoroughly rendered city like this in the future with cool perspective and booming atmosphere! :)

stay tuned!
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Currently studying Games Design and looking for inspiration for a concept art assignment. This is a great piece, and it only took you two hours?! This is a level of skill I aspire to achieve, keep up the good work!
This is wonderful as it is!
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Would really like to use this as cover art for a track in production. This is exactly what I'm looking for.
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well,welcome to neo america.wont be long before its actually like
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Awesome stuff!!
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Looks really nice, love the colors :)
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Colors are very modern, good choices.
Love the landscape orientation!
Great job.
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Is that forum Neo Tokyo of 1988's Akira?
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not really, just A neo tokyo! :P
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OH! It must be your own version, not Based and along with "Akira".
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I love your paintings.
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Full of life and energy! :clap:
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Yes, please do more of those mega-cities! Your latest Mega-structure was unbelievably awesome.
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I have featured you in a JAPAN PHOTOGRAPHY
News submission.
Look here: [link]

Hope you enjoy.
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:omg: Simple amazing...the lights effects are superb!!the expresssion is crying for more...really great job:clap:
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you (i think) should try doing a 2 hour speed paint and at segments between start and finish save into a new file then show a steps picture (no text needed) just so others can see your process because your process is remarkable
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yeah, I will try to do that some time!
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I love it. It really has the Neo-Tokyo feel. The Akira sountrack fits with it :D
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