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Metalman Project - Invasion

This was created for the Metalman Project which is a collaborative work of many artists (some well-known) contributing to one common theme- "Metalman".
See here for more info:


I planned to do a speedpainting, but it turned into a lot more.
Had fun and I regard it as a good practice as well. I don't get to paint cars every day... BTW, the Countach is an early 3D model of mine... :)
Also the highway with part of the buildings in the back was roughly modelled in Wings 3D as a base for the painting work.

:bulletblue: This is the motion-blurred version. I also have one without any blur applied to the cars, so the details are there.
Here is the link to that version:


:bulletblue: Last but not least, here is an alternate crop of the image without any of the glossy specularity and water spray which I quite like:


PS 7, 12 hours approx., no ref.
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The avatars in CnC 3 are So much loike this, hehe, mby they "found" the idea on DA
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lol, maybe... :P
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Puts my mind somewhere between Childhood's End and The War of the Worlds. I love the Countach.
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thx for the kind comments! :)
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really awesome bro....
i badly needed ur help for creating the banner for my site....
if you can help me, its to cheap to say but i'll pay you certain money for your art work......
you can contact me at or
i'm waiting for your reply....
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Wow this is a really stunning picture! So colorful and eye catching. Way to go. Btw, I thought that was a Countach! Beautful.
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Yeah, a Coutach it is! :)
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Now this one is totally awesome, dude.

You've got these really cool robots coming out the water, which look just brilliant,

and then you've got this highway and orange/cream colours going right into the distance - by the way - that is an excellent perspective -

and then you've also added in some green bushes to make it even more realistic.

It's like I'm standing there and seeing all this happen!!!

You are just an amazing artist and your work is so prolific, it's unbelievable!!! :XD:
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Lol I love the 3D feel and the... dynamicness this has?
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thx for the kind comments!
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Amazingly real sense of light and space. The perspective and coloring are very well done. Is that water dripping off the bots?
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thx for all the kind comments! :)
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Awesome! love the blurs on the traffic
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Yeah, there's got to be a more violent water movement for the metalman emerging.

And as a technical thing, I LOVE the fact there are no guard rails or ANYTHING on the street so that when the cars swerve to avoid hitting each other out of panic they'll ALL go in the water!
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ha!!! your just jealous of his skill
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thx man, You pointed out some interesting remarks! I appreciate that some people really try to delve into an artwork more thoroughly and try to think about possible background stories! It's an reward for every artist who put in lots of work! Thanks! :)
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those red furnace-like mouths rather remind me of Marvel Comics' Ultron character :D

maybe the drivers haven't quite had chance to react but they all appear to be taking this 'Invasion' quite in their stride as it all seems like a very placid scene.
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für meinen Geschmack sind die Beine des vordersten etwas kurz geraten (zumal die Beine der andren länger sind...)
My Honda Civic will outrun that little legged mech anyday. lol. GJ ;)
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