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This is my submission for the ArtSpace contest over at CGSociety!
It was especially created for the contest although I could have submitted some older work of mine as well.
This was clearly one of the more time-consuming artworks that I did. Put in countless hours (I really don’t know how many) working on and off over several days until I was happy. :)
It’s all done in Photoshop, no modelling.

I did myself a luxurious favor and bought the Cintiq 12WX! :)
This was one of my first works using the tablet. It’s a pretty fancy device, but mostly unnnecessary luxury if you ask me...
I love using the ruler on it, painting the buildings like that was fun! And it finally comes close to how I work on paper when creating techy stuff!
Other than that, I really purchased it for doing more hand-drawn animation. It’s easier and more accurate to work on the screen like you would using a peg bar.

For speedpainting though, I prefer using it as a normal tablet, because your hand gets in the way and you lose the overview of your work.

Lastly, here are some close up shots at 75 % of this painting:
:bulletblue: [link] :bulletblue:
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Beautiful and shockingly Sci-fi.
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Hey, mr/miss/mra Hideyoshi! I just wanted to write to ask if I could use your picture as a cover for my story on Wattpad. I will credit you and link to you. C: If not - I completely understand. I will find another cover for my little short story.
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Reminds me of ROBOTECH.  Very nice!
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Hello! I'm an author currently writing my 4th book "The Box." It's about a man who gets trapped 329 years into the future. Throughout all my books I include photos to give the reader more of a visualization of what I'm writing about. This photo would be perfect to use! I was wondering if I could use your photo in my worldwide published novel! Of course, I'd give you proper credit in my introduction, and your photo would be used in a positive way. 

Do I have permission to use this exact photo?

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I edit a free sci-fi rpg magazine called the Frontier Explorer ( I was wondering if we could use this image (actually a crop of part of it) as a cover image for an upcoming issue of the magazine.
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Here from AirwaveMusicTV. Beautiful Painting!
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I love it so much!
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i really like this. the details, colors and lighting are superb
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nice but there are not going to be helicopters at that age mostly like jet vtols 
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Beautiful image ! Good job ![link]
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The first Graphic Art that i get to know Hideyoshi :3
Did you see this one? [link]
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oh thanks for pointing that out!
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I love the sky you draw! it's amazingly realistic, and makes all the picture look... well... i don't know how to say it but, i like it XD
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two words:Man, where do you want to live ?
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Very cool! I like the actual diversity you have, rather than just doing one structure type.
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Incredible work!!!!
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