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Man of Steel

made this little sketch because the latest Man of Steel trailer is seriously mind-blowing. Most emotional, epic trailer I have seen in a long time.
But mostly due to the incredible music, I love it so much! ._.

I know this is quite lame, maybe I will do a better one.
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i love your art, its super inspiring
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He'll never stop fighting for what's right.
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Simply breath taking. You should be proud, I knowFather is.
great work my friend !
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I just saw the movie yesterday and I really liked it.  This picture is just absolutely - amazing!

You did an EXCELLENT job  HideYoshi!  This is incredible!

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Looks like Vincent Valentine with short hair to me!
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I love it ! Really beautiful
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This is......incredible
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With him around, the world cannot fall. Stunning artwork
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program please
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This... is stunning. Curious. And, like someone said: Less is more.
I am afraid to ask, but...
Could you make a wallpaper from this?
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Super Classe, superman et le meilleurs
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This is sublime - less is more.

Can hear Jor'l speak with warmth that speech about the human race needing guidance, and that they are a good people.

Heard the music too - Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard - pure emotion.

The only thing that worries me is that Zac Shnyder is involved - he of Watchmen, 300, and dare I say it - sucker punch.

Must do a version of this.
oh yes...please I allowed to purchase some wall art with this gorgeous creation
of yours? I am nuts about this. I would so appreciate it.
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lens flares always make it better
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Awesome work, sir. Faved.
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Cool, I like when you do fanart.
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Oh yeah, when I first saw the trailer I was so amazed! Can't wait to see it! =D
And great artwork =^_^=
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