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Hyper G One - hangar steps

By Hideyoshi
Got permission to post these! :)

I did so called "pitch artwork" for 2 Hollywood screenwriters, Gregg Chabot and Kevin Peterka. They are trying to sell a sci-fi storyscript and needed some promotional illustrations.
Had lots of fun on all the paintings! :)

This is the step-by step to the Hyper G One hangar piece. :bulletblue: [link]
(dunno about the image category I put this in now,,,not ecxactly a tutorial...)
I started out with that little monochrome sketch for compostition and value breakdown. Then came coloring and detailling.

Lot more coming!

'Hyper G One' copyright - Gregg Chabot, Kevin Peterka.
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© 2008 - 2021 Hideyoshi
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templar127's avatar
Wonder how heavy that thing is!
bearmantooth's avatar
freakin inspiring! great step by step!
SineSquared's avatar
This is really inspiring me to do some stuff like this myself... Usually I can't stand using straight lines, but seeing your step by step process makes me think it's achievable.
ales-kotnik's avatar
could you make any tutorial?
calebcleveland's avatar
Can't tell you how many times I've come back to this page, looking at the awesome way you convey perspective with light and texture.
Great job.
Hideyoshi's avatar
:) glad I can be of help!
chrizzz6's avatar
astig! galing! awesome! amazing! Supergeil! du bist mein held!!!
archvermin's avatar
You use PS7 right? Just wondering what kinda brush/setting you used to give that type of "texture" you see in panels 1-3
Hideyoshi's avatar
it's all default PS 7 brushes and textures. I only have a hand full of self-made custom ones and they aren't fancy also. :P
erenik's avatar
faramir's avatar
Great step by step, thanks so much for sharing :)
SinHeart's avatar
I wonder what the story is about... I do like science fiction, very much.
lingy-0's avatar
great tutorial,thanks for share
Hideyoshi's avatar
sure thing, buddy! :)
JerryCai's avatar
horizontal flip ftw! lol
Aerozopher's avatar
ganz ehrlich, daraus kann ich fast nix lernen^^

nur so die letzten schritte
Hideyoshi's avatar
nun ja, viel Arbeit läuft ja auch im Kopf ab... :P
Es wird halt meist ganz einfach munter gemalt!
Aerozopher's avatar
"meist ganz einfach munter gemalt!"


joa ich finds bei dir erstaunlich, wie du immer diese bögen so schön hinkriegst, weißt was ich meine^^
Hideyoshi's avatar
das ist nichts weiteres als Übung! Linienführung eben :)
Fleißig zeichnen gehen!
BlueRogueVyse's avatar
Awww, feels like it´s been an eternity since you have posted a nice environmental scene.... but this is really great again! Fell in love at first sight =)

Did you use just one layer? It really looks like you just painted directly on the sketch. But then, did you erase parts like the sketched propellers?
Secondly, did you paint the colored area with brush (or layer) set on overlay...? I assume that...

Anyway, i can´t wait to see more excellent stuff! I like youre strong activity lately!
Hideyoshi's avatar
nah, not one layer for this one. When it comes to finished paintings, I tend to use a few layers for the main elements. The plane was on a layer of its own, the background as well, but that was only after I had separated it out with a lasso tool because the monochrome sketch was indeed a single layer at first. Kinda awkward method, I know...
In general, I keep the layer count low, always flattening immediately.
Yup, the color washes were applied in overlay mode. And yes, the sketchy props were erased out and then painted anew properly :)
BlueRogueVyse's avatar i was right. Well. Hide, i can read your process like an open book now! Everything is revealed to me! Victory, muaha...!!

Hideyoshi's avatar
now you still need my brain and right hand, muaharhar!

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