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Ghost in the Shell - Engage

So I finally did a GITS fanart! Tried to put in more effort for this piece because this anime has influenced me hugely over the years.
Overall I think it turned out well but I am sure the anatomy has some issues here and there.. might fix them up with the help of some feedback. I actually saved steps for this, might upload them some time.
Looked at pics for design accuracy, initially I wanted Motoko to look more like in the first movie (still my fave by far) but went with the SAC outfit then.
The gun is a Seburo C-X, sorry- no Tachikoma & folks in here..
Worked on this over 2 afternoons.
I will make a print available for this later!
Hope you enjoy and I could make some fans happy! :)

Ghost in the Shell (C) - Shirow Masamune

edit: Not sure if it's better now, but I made some changes for her pose/anatomy.
Old version here: [link]
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All that's missing is Batou with his standard-issue big gun 
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GiTS should have a live action movie. Also great artwork
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Of course it is
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She should have been a character in Mass Effect!
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Motoko cooool!
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Sheer Brilliance !!
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wHOA. Matrix-like.
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wow so great!!! AWESOME!
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i love this pic, i found it through google imadges first and loved it soo much i printed it out n hung it on my wall! im soo glad i know where it came from:)
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O.O . Beautiful! have much movement
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well, Motoko's face is more... pleasant in the series, here she looks quite deadly/daemonic like.
But I love it :)
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OMG this work iss.... :O
+ Fav
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Very nicely done. I love the colors and dramatic pose. nice addition with the dented metal under her knee. :)
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you done a great job!!!
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Oddly, the only thing that really bothers me is how Motoko is holding her gun. Sorry, but Motoko isn't gangsta XD
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Hey man, Im a big fan of the visual style\presentation of GITS too. This picture looks good as a whole but details are a bit off. Anatomy is all well and good though not the best it can be but the face and its expression is where its going wrong.

Suggestions from my side would be: The head looks a bit big, the expression: I cant really place what its about and to be honest it makes motoko look old. Lips look bigger than needed + lipstick not the best choice...maybe a lipgloss effect would look better.

The rest is fine. Good work.
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Hands down the best piece of Ghost in the Shell fanart on dA :D the energy, the colors, the intensity and power, its all mind-blowing :D you sir, do Shirow-san's magnum opus great justice :D I'm definitely favving it :D
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This is a fantastic piece right here, well done! Major Motoko Kusanagi in action...
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*w* I think I'm going to cheer now, since I think you really did this moment serious justice, especially with the sense of action and that cord and the beautiful, this work of yours, portraying the darks with the lights giving it such sense of depth and the feeling of motion.
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