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Gateway - Calandia District

another piece for a graphic novel called Gateway by John C. Hoffler
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I love it 😘😍
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my soul in here
Cozyhoodies's avatar
I really wanna live there.
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amazing concept art
krazyorange's avatar
Incredible sight!
RealTimeBrush's avatar
A wonderful and intricately detailed neon city.
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Neon lights, crowds, shady characters, high-rise buildings with odd walkways, desolate feel... this piece's got it all. Well done!
grisador's avatar
James Cameron's avatar earth scene ! :o
Pavlinka14's avatar
do you believe that  in future cities could look like this??? I do,but iam affraid of it :) nice work
darthjohnthewise's avatar
Is that the Loveless Cafe sign I spy in the upper right corner :O
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i really love this kinda of art,(scifi cityies)
lavalamp-genie's avatar
c-rose-artist's avatar
omg this is awesome
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
Stunning and Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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im not a fan of sci-fi / futuristic stuff, but i really like the composition of this work.  :) (Smile) 
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Oh man the neon hurts my eyes so much.
Nokadota's avatar
Dude, this is amazing. Looks like a Neo Deus Ex.
The-Shadow-King3's avatar
Reminds me of other designs for "Neo-Tokyo" and stuff like that. Looks really cool.
yourmom10's avatar
A clean Neo-Tokyo.
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