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Futuristic Subway

43K Views, actually I wanted to do an entry for the current EOW - 'Isolation Level 5', but this was nothing like the image I had in my head... so lets call it a futuristic subway station! :P
I will prolly do another one for the theme...
and also maaaaybe detail this one out... some time. *cough

this was done rather quickly, 1.5 h, no ref.
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Very cool! Especially without reference! :o

Featured here for reference! :D
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This is so good, love it mate. 
ManganMan's avatar
Keep yourself up, image is fine :D
GiulioDesign94's avatar
MY GOD you are soo inspiring! Beautiful Work !
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In the future, only a single person will use the subway, and all subways will remain open just for that one person.
It it me or is this the futuristic time train from BTTF
25thPixel's avatar
Awesome concept! :D
psypher101's avatar
I'm loving your style man! I'm sure you can tell with all the pieces I'm adding to favorites.
thelonelyjogger's avatar
OMG! I love this pic! I am a local Musician and i would love to showcase this on my new cd i am selling. Is that alright with you? i am pretty small time lol i mostly sell to friends and family :)
FleshBot2010's avatar
A bit creepy,
but I'll be looking forward to sometihng like this.
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you´re my new God!!!!!!!!
SnowblindSociety's avatar
Very impressive. How exactly do you knock these out so fast? What kinds of brushes/ techniques are you using? I've been trying to get a couple of decent speedpaintings with the same look and feel by using brushes with low opacity, but they overlap oddly.
Hideyoshi's avatar
don't change the opacity in the settings up there, control it with pen pressure alone. But reducing the flow in the menu works nicely...
SnowblindSociety's avatar
Thanks for the tip. Still a bit new at the digital stuff... what exactly does Flow do?
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Hi, hideyoshi! very cool stuff ^^
vegorebel18's avatar
reminds me of the longest journey game
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Wow amazing, you wouldn't mind making a tutorial on this type of work some time would you?
almost reminds me of one of those like chinese pantings where they placed the human figure like, not as the centre piece in order to portray man in relation to his surroundings in a humble/majestc manner
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One word: Beautiful.
cavill's avatar
Love your work!
genlau's avatar
amazing, i saw your few artworks, very like your scene especially building.

very high tech view
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thanks for all your kind comments!
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