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Eclipse Phase Rimward - Octopus Thugs

By Hideyoshi
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Here is the other one for the Rimward book
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Octomorphs are adorable. Great work on this, I saw it in the book and was delighted.
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Hi! This work has been featured here [link] :hug: :heart:
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Hi! This great work has been featured in here [link] :hug: :heart:
They should try a carrier as pick pockets instead..
Great work! Awesome imaginative idea.
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wtf hahahha, zwei oktopusse kämpfen um ihr mittagessen?
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When Humans wipe themselves out, I think cephalopods and elephants will inherit the earth as dominant sapient species. Also, there will be a widespread insect problem. The Earth is, always has and always will belong to the bugs.

Anyway, great job.
That the neo-octopus on the right appears to be a blue-ringed octopus amuses me.
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This.. is... urgghh

Too amazing...
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Oh, wow. What an amazing idea. I just took a quick look at Eclipse Phase, and that looks really interesting! Good luck with it!
steve noir [link]
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Yeah. What's meaner than two thugs holding you knife and club in the face?
Thugs that have enough arms to restrain you and rifle your stuff while threatening your morph!
Cool idea!
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I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...
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Great work! I lost my octomorph sleeve last session. Now I'm in a temporary worker pod sleeve dubbed the "Ken doll". Good grief!
GermanPete's avatar
Oh I can very well understand that! Imagine my frustration of finding my ego in a wimpy worker after having the original carefully upgraded slitheroid nuked away.
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Bright idea. Very threatening LOL.
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I've seen enough hentai...
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Wooooow....this is awesome...
I liked the colors...and the octepus too...
Nice and perfect image
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Those cyber octopi sure are ruthless : D
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Hey, just because the Hidden Concern is a bunch of sick fuckers (though nothing compaired to Nine Lives, mind you), it doesn't mean all uplifts are bad
Okay, there's also that Neo-avian capo, on Venus

but there is also uplift like Preston Crowley, the host of that new show, Release The Krakken. Check out the Mesh for it, and him.

(and itunes for RPPR's EP campaign AP Know No Evil)
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I have no idea what you're talking about.
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LoL, I know what he's talking about. But you would have to be familiar with both the Eclipse Phase game, and this podcast [link]

A little too specific for this site's comment section.
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Can't trust them damn uplifts.
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When Yaoi meets Hentai.
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