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Eclipse Phase Political Murder

posting something from Japan! :)
It's 2 illustrations for a corebook for a new RPG called Elipse Phase by Posthuman Studios. The book is Sunward: The Inner System
Info on

This one's pretty gory huh? Rarely paint stuff like this... :P Had fun with the assassin's design
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Poppin' cortical stacks like a true EP assassin, love this pic! 
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Ooo I love how the blood is illuminated by the lighting on the floor. It's the little details that make the whole image pop. :) great perspective btw.
phantomdotexe's avatar
I love the game and I love the image. Very awesome!
Great work. I love the rpg theme, and now i love illustrations (at least 1)!
Elliottsykes14's avatar
i love the assassination side to this artwork it makes me think of a rouge assassin whose government had turned against him...wait im just giving story ideas xD
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Ohh, I love Eclipse Phase (too bad we don't really have the time to delve deeper into this fascinating setting) and this artwork is really nice!
Looks like... a habitats docking zone?
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We need some of this assassins in Brazil to handle our terrible politicians =D
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Did you know that Feng Zhu says that it is not professional to put direct violence in your portfolio because it can offend people?
Hideyoshi's avatar
haha lol he did? This was commissioned anyway :P (but still in my portfolio I guess...)
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Actually, people on this picture will be alive in some days, because their minds will be loaded into new bodies ("resleeved"). The difference between the two on the left, and the politician being cut on the right - is that the minds of two left deadmen will be resleeved from the cortical stacks in their necks. But the cortical stack of the politician will be cut out by an assassin, so his mind will be restored from earlier backup - means he will not remember any assassination - and, naturally, everything that happened since his last mind backup. Also, the assassin will get to have the cortical stack of the politician - it may be used to extract info from it or resleeved secretly into new body for torturing. Anyway, the assassin now has access to almost everything a politician ever was on knew.
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thats called PWNAGE!!!!!!!!
himangshu-aka-jaan's avatar
i like the character...wish he ws the protagonist
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awesome job here! great!
Anastas2002's avatar
Another Eclipse Phase fan here.
nous3rnam3's avatar
i...... WANT THIS 8D
so much blood 8F
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ohhh I love that one!
nice touch with the Ego assassin in his Ghost morph removing the cortical stack from his target

And the rendering of he left guy's smart fabric made suit
great, great job!
onto ni tsugoi!
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hey you know your stuff! Been playing this game already I see!
Damiel's avatar
well, actually, I haven't played yet
but I wrote down some stories ideas for games and fanfictions alike
heck, I have a few I'd like to submit eventually to become official material.

at the moment, I'm prepping Glory and Mind the WMD scenarii to form a continuity
you don't happen to have a picture of the NPC Patrona Vasquez or the professor Magnus Ming, by any chance?
Hideyoshi's avatar
nice! sorry, no pics or something, I was only involved with creating 2 pieces according to brief :P
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