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EVE Online - Sharkfin

By Hideyoshi
Well, here is my entry... I want to do another one but time is really short :/ My personal deadline is 4th October, can't work on anything after that. :(
Wanted to do thumb No 6 (this is No 16 btw, I reversed front and back of the ship in the end)
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Sir do you offer commissions!?. Because I would love to get ships like these to be drawn!
this reminds very very much of the old PS1 game Wipeout
Blueoriontiger's avatar
This design appeals to me. Have never quite played EVE, but the vessels and gameplay always fascinate me. :)
TheHopelessLover's avatar
... I fly a Hurricane, so you should know why I'm saying this...

I want one. Now wait, I want TWO!
drskytower's avatar
Awesome design! I like the coloured renderings of the different views of it.
Jonat's avatar
I like the hurricane-look to it.
Davidcheke's avatar
Nice Work, i like it
grimjohn's avatar
men so awesome i try to make mine but fail i cant draw the front and back its crazy for new artist hey btw i can make only the ship or i must add some guns on it? cause in the rules it dosnt say anything
RebelliousArchAngel's avatar
This is perhaps the sexiest ship I have ever seen, I would love to be able to fly this in-game. Most likely it would be a Minmatar ship- my specialty. :D
thud u rock

my entries for eve

David-Holland's avatar
Awesome work with this one dude! Still looks speedy despite it's size :D
Great looking ship, echo's one of the Gallante T3 Strategic cruiser, Proteus, possible shapes

Very nice work : )
orcbruto's avatar
I see a winner here! :eager:
Nice design, great work! ;)
monteirohq's avatar
it kinda reminds me of a speedboat. great job there, fingers crossed =D
livin-a-life's avatar
that sir, is awesome
i hope they put it in the game, i'd love to climb aboard that monster

dylanliwanag's avatar
Nice one, man. :) Dig the textures too.
farhatali-2005's avatar
This is awsome maan nice colors, wish U luck, cheers!
PearlPhoenix's avatar
Love it, awesome design :) I hope this makes it into the semi finalists. If not, well your design is still awesome lol

Good luck! :hug:
IANLY's avatar
Hmmm. I really do love the design just reminds me too much of a Feisar/EG-X chassis from Wipeout. I can't see this out in space, my mind is too busy making it zoom around on a track in Wipeout....ugh I wish you were part of the design team for that game -_-;
sangheili117's avatar
nice one mate looks excellent :D
geardrafter's avatar
Awsim, definitely feels like a livable space ship, very weighty and solid. It creates an image like a bullet, something larger but still built for high-speed pursuit. I like it!
TomScholes's avatar
coooooool man.

Just a thought, if you were so interested in one mans opinion;
It feels odd to see yellows and oranges at such low chroma, they feel as if they somewhere in between local color and a surface lit with colored light. Either way it is perhaps not communicating clearly as to which?
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