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Dominance War III - Yamiten

By Hideyoshi
I also had a stab at the Dominance War III :)
This is my entry - a Samurai type invoker guy.
His name is Yamiten which basically means
"dark heavens". 闇天.
His artifact weapon is a coffin which holds the darkness inside before it's unleashed upon his foes obscuring the sky...

My original CGtalk thread is here btw:

You can find a bunch of other pre sketches, some of which I might upload later here as well...

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amazing! well done
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Congratulations !
"Dominance War III - Yamiten" is one of the challenger of the last Warrior of the Week contest :)
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Excellent art work. The samurai seems fierce and totally badass. I like his armor! Great coloring. Well done! :D
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i like samurai ^^ nc work
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This is so sick!
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wicked :D I love it, I love all your work, Its AWESOME!!! melts its so cool....
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Very nice! :thumbsup:
I like the dark feeling of this piece. Originally I got an insectoid-like feel from the first look of the guys armor until I clicked to enlarge and started looking more at the details. Love the use of feathers on the samurai armor, very cool. To be honest I thought maybe at first you were drawing something from Death Trance until I read through your description lol it was the coffin that had me thinking that.
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Death Trance is dope! Definitely was an inspiration for this character!
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Hell yeah that movie was and is kick ass! I watch it at least once a month in both the japanese and english just for the hell of it lol
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ii ne kuray...
hitotsu khiktain desu kedo...omai nihonjin ka...
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... übel. Das ist dein Werk? Echt krass ... mit was für ein Grafiktablett arbeitest du? Hast du mal irgendwann eventuell ein Tutotial gemacht oder könntest du eventuell eins machen, wie du so dabei vorgehst, nur um sich die Schritte anzueignen damit etwas wenn es fertig ist so aussieht wie bei dir? Unglaublich gut. Hohe anerkennung meinerseits!
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I so need to make something like this in real life
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Very cool samurai
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My first thought seeing this was "WHAT THE F*CK! HOW DOES THIS BE AWESOME MUCH SO!!!"

Or something like that.
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O_O How do you do this?
The lighting, design, textures, and even the tiny details...
This is amazing work!
And the design for the artifact weapon is very unique (probably already stated by someone else, but it's my opinion too)~

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