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Darth Vader

By Hideyoshi
So I asked you guys what to paint in terms of fanart/redesigns
and I chose one of the most iconic evil guys :)
I'll try to pick up some more of the suggestions though. Thanks again, folks!

I ended up sticking to the original design mostly although I had started out with plans to make it a redesign. So it resulted in this weird mix. Ah, whatever.

1.5h, it's been a while since I made a speedpainting...
it's clearly not the best I could do. Careless planning without concept.

Lol, maybe this will get me hired to work on some SW property again :P (not really)

copyright Lucasarts

edit: not sure how he looked feminine (I must have been drawing one too many girls), but I made some tweaks, also changed the helmet which I realized was really off after I checked some ref.
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dang...if i were the enemy, i'd run by now!
DarthWill3's avatar
All hail Lord Vader!
Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
I love how you painted this, along with the lighting. Darth Vader's pose and the swirling ash around him makes this even better.
mavadohelghanmaul's avatar
Darth vader is the man 
RobyOny's avatar
Mola ! ! ! Cool ! ! !
gordhanx's avatar
Awesome! Love the pose, shading, details, background and colouring.
jstuckey70's avatar
This is a really interesting redesign of Darth Vader. More modern and athletic. Well done.
toxicZodiac's avatar
Wouldn't mind more art of this design
gillspar's avatar
Darth Vader: "Come at me bro!"
mistneko's avatar
I realize that you made this comment a year ago but I thought the exact same thing as soon as I saw this! XD
Alexgv-art's avatar
holy crap Oops! this is AMAZING!!!!!
ReinhardtsDonger's avatar
He looks as if he is the Harbringer of Death! Very nice work!
Kevador's avatar
That's how the transformation from Anakin to Vader should have happened. Well done.
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apcomics's avatar
hay Ani... ya loose weight?
Agacora's avatar
Vader: "Are you not entertained?"
Flinxerone's avatar
Thinking about 'Carrie' the mid70s movie adaptation of Stephen King's novel. Honestly, with all of the problems with the prequels, in a major overhaul and a 'should have...' moment, Anakin/Vader should have carried on mayhem as 'Carrie', only he was going for the attempt to divorce his Jedi beliefs and try to embrace the dark side in that disastrous bargain he made with the main devil man....your work makes me think this.
dibuganya's avatar
wow!!! very nice... congratulations!!!
RedTRexGames's avatar
This is awesome! Stunning attention to detail and beautiful shading!
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