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Citizen in the Temple - Poster

By Hideyoshi
I painted this poster for a pre-production campaign for Jason Huls, a Chicago filmmaker who is making a shortfilm, called Citizen in the Temple. Sci Fi meets Fantasy! Find out everything about it and see the poster version on
I will also be working on some concept art for the film, stay tuned!

Photoshop, Wings3D, Modo
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© 2011 - 2021 Hideyoshi
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RedTRexGames's avatar
I love your artstyle, this is a wonderful pic!
adelnovipazar's avatar
like prince of persia mixed with some star wars elements :DD !
J-at-TenWingFilms's avatar
Hey everyone-

Just an update...the film is about 90% shot. If you check out my blog,, you can see how that twisted arm really turned out. :)

l2466's avatar
Dude looks like he has leprosy. O_o
BlueBeacon's avatar
It automatically made me think of some hero calling himself the citizen whose base was something called the temple where he looks over the city protecting it and trying to make it a better place. He over looks the city from his temple wondering if he did enough.
Thugnastay227's avatar
long time no talk my friend. hope all is well with u....i love the work on this. and cant wait to see more as usual from u. loving the lighting effects and the outfits and overall feel of this. good job.
BenSonkkila's avatar
Really cool art :wow:
Dekus's avatar
my god dude..... you have gotten sooo damn pro! youre moving lightspeed now dude!
damn... gotta push myself harder to reach you now! :(
GrimJesta's avatar
There's... something about the floor grating that I love. My eye keeps getting pulled to it. I don't know why. But the red under-glow, the wiring, the grating, the light smoke, all of it keeps drawing my attention. Like, I can almost hear the thrum of machinery, the hiss of steam, smell the acrid smoke of ancient machinery.

I like the whole image, but the flooring is made of win to me.

PearlPhoenix's avatar

Can...I look into your work as some source of inspiration? I want to get better at scapes of all kinds and I definitely admire you as one of my most favorite land and city scape artists :>

OH HEY got a CA sketchbook I can subscribe to? :D
Hideyoshi's avatar
haha, thanks Marissa! I feel honored!
I do have a CA SB, but I havent been active on there for ages and don't think will ever be again... various reasons have driven me away from CA, I don't like it there anymore... ._.
PearlPhoenix's avatar
aw :< whatever they may be, I think I can understand. I started a sketchbook there. See how long I will last LOL
Hideyoshi's avatar
PearlPhoenix's avatar

I'll have stuff up soon! :3
kaede-kit's avatar
steppenfreak's avatar
This is brilliant! Very intriguing! I like the contrast between the perhaps more traditional fantasy foreground and then the much more sci-fi view out the window!! :D
J-at-TenWingFilms's avatar
I highly recommend working with LHR. I was really pleased how he showed me the concept as it evolved and he really nailed the vibe I'm going for. Can't wait for the concept art. This is going to be a really fun project!

Jason Huls
Hideyoshi's avatar
cheers mister, much appreciated!
sangheili117's avatar
thats realy cool :D kinda looks like a futuristic assassins creed as always man your lighting is amazing as is everything else of course, good work man
the-true-meK's avatar
waaah concept art! :heart: *-* aaah ich will den film sehen o(( >v< ))o wenn du die concept art dazu machst wird der sicher toll :3
Hideyoshi's avatar
haha danke! Na ich werd mich anstrengen! :)
ChiFeng-dA's avatar
:O ui, der fasst mich doch gleich an
Hideyoshi's avatar
nein er will hand auflegen um deine gedanken zu lesen :) Echt jetzt, so stands in der Charakterbeschreibung des Auftrags :P
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