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Circular Door + Video Process

30 mins spitpaint, recorded the process for this - check it here:…

not happy with how the clouds turned out...
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Reminds me of the lane gates on Freelancer game :) nice work!

This Works!!!! So much slap dash stuff out there, but this is light, free flowing and beautiful.  Thank you!
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Hey man awesome drawing :D. Do you mind if I use this design to build a space station in starmade?
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excellent work, I'm amazed that you can get down such a clear idea in just half an hour +o+
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Great vision, my jaw drops when i think what it would look like, siting in space shutle and getting through clouds to enter it.
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There is a good palette happening here, with a solid final tight render. Gorgeous work.
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Watching the timelapse, I noticed that the likely reason for your clouds being below your expectations is due to you starting off with detail too early. However, I love that you use perspective grids. Your colours and compositions are also amazing
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i don't like the clouds because I didn't paint them by hand but used one tree custom brush which I practically never use for cloud making
also the tones are off on them ;_;
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i spy with my little eye... an Anvil Aerospace Hornet!
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Dayuum... that composition and the colors are awesome! I wish i was that efficient :)
Beautiful work. Very inspiring.
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Looks pretty damn cool no matter how long you spent on it!
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That´s what I call quality work! Good job even if its just a 30 min speedpaint
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