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Blood Moon Monk

By Hideyoshi
Ah yes, I just 'found' this one my harddrive. Hadn't uploaded it yet, but: why not now? :)

twas another CHOW topic - 'Blood Moon monk'
took 1.5h, no ref.
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© 2008 - 2021 Hideyoshi
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Excellent picture, a striking character and a wasteland-like environment all shown with one strong image.

I wondered if you'd mind us using the image (crediting you, and with a link to your page) on a homebrew D&D 5E monster & compendium that we're putting together. Non-commercial, but it will be broadcast over Reddit and other social media.

Kindest regards, 1d6Adventurers
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It's a ninja, a samurai, and a monk all rolled into one, which is a perfect combination for martial arts fury! :)
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Great job!Really fantastic!
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this one earned you a watcher find more like this on your harddrive!!!
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This is featured in the best of the best in the Martial-Arts-Madness gallery! :)
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thats preaty kool :clap:
keep at it
Cheers :beer:
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your drawings are legendary ...<3
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whoa this is hard core look for a monk.
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Your speedpainting skill is great!
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hells yeah man!
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awesome silhoette and pose! Love the emotion that the colors bring! :)
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Hardcore! Awsome dude!
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Really great color scheme.
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Nice costume design!
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this guy looking cool, i like the red in the black.
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