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Blade Runner tribute

whee, it's a Blade Runner fanart! :)
I promised to do a more finished neon cityscape some time ago when I uploaded that Neo Tokyo image, so here goes!

This was done for another EOW at
required things were: neon, reflections and rain! :)

PS 7, 6 hours, no ref.
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Very nice!  Love it!
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okido done, solly :D
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and u know what? seeing your gallery, consider yourself watched :D
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no problem,i didnt have bad intentionsNo, I disagree! altho weird, that i kept the BR theme & tribute, without knowing your title :D
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it turns out i used this as a BG 2years ago also as a Bladerunner tribute, i found it on some scifi art site, not on DA,

otherwise i would have ask your permission first, hope u dont mind & if u do ill remove it...great job BTW…

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yes please remove
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wow I love the lighting in this mostly XD
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i always wanted to live in the blade runner city too bad most city's i see nowadays look like crap
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Amazing work! i wish Ridley sees you and take you for his production of his new Blade Runner movie!
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I'd be a happy dude..
Beautiful! I've been looking for something Blade Runner related to use as a background for my website, would you mind if I used this and linked your page on my website?
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no sorry, cant allow that.
k thats fair, thanks for the quick reply
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what's the name of this art ?? and are there any tutorials for it

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Wow, I love it.
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