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BURNING COLD - Illusion Art

I CAN finally upload this... :-D
I will have a manga volume released here in Germany soon. It's called "Path of Illusion" and contains 2 short stories. Unfortunately this should only be of interest to those living in Germany...
Information (in German) can be found here:

This illustration is being used as the back cover of the book and I painted it 5 months ago which means it's pretty old already. Hell...all my speedpaints were done after this and I still pretty like it... o_O
The front cover didn't turn out very well, so I won't upload it. :-P

PS 7, approx. 10 hours, no ref.
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Well it looks like a thresher maul
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It's the snow worm, from the Monster Manual. I honestly didn't expect to see one of these today!
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thats pretty cool
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I like how you used the smudge tool for movement.
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It kinda reminds me of Thor and his battle with the serpant demon he battles.
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Reminds me of the game Lost Planet. Looks amazing
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from the look of the picture, i wish that the manga was being released in america because it looks very promising and cool.
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Very artistic and cinematic.

BIG accomplishment. These two words never go together
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woow, this is gorgeous - amazing ! really. I like the style and colours and everything.. *being jealous* fav !<3
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Wow! It males me feel small!
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i've been looking at ur arts for quite sometime... and i like ur style man its so according to my preferences...

this reminds me of the sandworms in Dune... hehe except the planet is not a desert but snowy plains and the worms are not organic but robotic.. cool huh?
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Cool! Dune gone winter!
Wohw, ich mag das Grinsen und die Tentakel(?!?). Übrigens finde ich nicht das es dem Eiswurm von D&D ähnelt. Der Eiswurm hat mehr ähnlichkeit mit einer Schlange/Echse als dein Würmchen.
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Dude, can I marry this?
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lol go ahead, but beware its sharp teeth... -.-
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Thanks, lol!

*begins planning*
looks awesome man. The teeth and way the head is shaped completely reminds me of the aliens from the alien movies.
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