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Alien Queen - RIP Giger

RIP, H.R. Giger

Sad news today.
I am undoubtedly hugely influenced by his art, the Alien films are some of my all-time favourite movies.
This is a little tribute, 50 minute speedie.

Btw, 10 years ago I uploaded one of my first deviations to this site and it was a traditional alien painting haha

Alien by Hideyoshi
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Love the angle, like she's looming over us. Great job!
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It's wonderful. Great job!
RIP H.R. Giger...
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Back in 1993, I missed my chance to buy the original Kenner version of the Alien queen. In 2007, I passed up the chance to buy the McFarlane version. Now, in 2015, I am the proud owner of the NECA release.
This painting is a testament to the badass-ery of the Xenomorph matriarch, and why even after twenty-two years I simply had to own a likeness of her. Kudos to you, good sir.
And kudos to the departed, may he live on as inspiration for nascent talent.
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(Shoots aliens)
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Excellent work.
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This is amazing, so glad I got to see it
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one of the most remarkable monsters ever. Great piece of art. Great tribute. RIP.
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That is one amazing painting of the majestic queen alien :D
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I remember the alien queen from that movie
That was a good movie
Also R.I.P H.R Giger
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We will miss you, you glorious oddball you.
R.I.P Giger
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; u ; schön geworden!
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always loved how badass the alien queen was, you do her justice good sir
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Pure Awesomeness! Love it
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cheers, wanna see more spitpaints from you dude!
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Wow, so well done for such a small amount of time. I would love to see a process video. I take too long on some of my pieces.
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thanks! Yea always wish I had recorded some of my more successful pieces. But then, would they have turned out this way if I had?
got a few vids on my youtube channel:…
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RIP Giger, very cool picture !
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"Get - away - from - HER - YOU - BITCH!" :D Nice piece. :thumbsup:
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But Giger didn't actually design the alien queen.
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