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I've had this account for five years, I'm 22 and that means that I started this artistic journey at 17. I have posted almost 900 pieces of art which have received almost 80K views. 197 of you wonderful people lurk about on my page and get my updates which have slowed until now they barely come at all. 

I have started with art like this in 2013, I really liked my work because it was fun and my friends and I enjoyed it. People said I was very talented and did a lot of work for my mother's friends for free 'for exposure' to their other friends because I was a dumb child who didn't know any better. While they said I was a great artist I found my work lacking and wanted to get better. 
The Yearling by HideawayArtist   Kicking up Dust in the Sun - BearAcuto Commission by HideawayArtist The Colt and the Filly by HideawayArtist

In 2014, my senior year of high school I would find HARPG and really get into digital art. My art improved greatly but that was because I did a lot of reference tracing, something that while helping me grow as an artist, I shame myself for because many times I forgot to credit all my references. This is especially horrible as I took many commissions that year. Towards the fall of that year as I went into my freshman year of college, I found a happy medium between digital art and traditional where I would sketch my lines on paper, scan them into my computer, and then digitally color them.
A Golden Bumbling Bee! - Contest Entry - by HideawayArtist Ivory - The Sleepy Giant by HideawayArtist Com. + AngelicSong + Autumn Training by HideawayArtist

2015 saw my first real attempt at writing a book. While Star of Midnight was never finished, I am still proud I made it in 100 pages before giving up. I learned with it that if you are to write a book, really flush out the ending as well as the beginning before starting! 2015 also saw me trying to get into the HARPG world. I tried a couple of different things, from the fancy breeds to the Sims edits, to natural based breeds, to minis in carts, to a storyline based barn and trying to break away from the standard HARPG mold. Still, no matter what I did I didn't like it and couldn't find a home with it. It was also at this time that my four-year relationship with my now ex-boyfriend became excessively abusive. He finally actually made good on his threats of bodily harm and his yelling was no longer just over the phone but right in my face. I got trapped in a bad work environment where I was treated like a servant, not a live-in barn manager. The winter of 2015 I saw my life crumble before me but I also saw hope. Dec. 18, 2015, Star Wars 7 - Force Awakens premiered and while I didn't see it until Christmas day, it introduced me to the next stage of my life, Saber Guild. I knew that day I was to be free of my ex because he had said previously that if I saw it, we would be over. Lucky me, he ended things a month before and still to this day does not understand why we parted. My art is very characteristic of this time, I let go of a lot of strict realism lines and did chibis, I bounced about and did my own thing for a lot of it. 
Who's this? - CAN'T BE USED FOR KAARING by HideawayArtist Lee-Dee Show Entry by HideawayArtist  Welcome Home Iris! by HideawayArtist 

2016 - what I could call my renaissance era. Supported by my friends at Saber Guild, my new boyfriend (who actively encourages my Star Wars obsessions and is still with me in 2018) and my family who finally were in on the abuse of my ex, I had regained my passion for art and wanted to learn more and grow my skills. I heavily relied on traditional tools and cheap materials because that is all I could afford but my Crayola crayons and color pencils were my favorite things to work with. I really got involved with Valorteen (before it was cool or very expensive). I once again tried to do full digital pieces without references because I wanted to just grow into my own style. I started cosplaying, sewing, and painting more. I went back to school and suddenly art got harder to do between near full-time hours and a full-time student class load. Slowly the art started to stop...
Stardancer - Holding the Evening Star by HideawayArtist  Prancing Strawberries by HideawayArtist Achelois and Koi Chibi by HideawayArtistDaiquiri and the jolly ball - GIF by HideawayArtist

I really tried to get back into HARPG in 2017. I got my hands on some of my old horses and new foals for a natural breed farm and really tried to have fun with it. For a while, I did but then, of course, the same old chibi sheets for points and being outnumbered in everything slinked in and ruined the fun. As a primarily traditional artist, the fact that I lost out on a lot of points because I was not able to add a small blink animation really just killed the fun of it all. Add that with the strict rules and somewhat favorites games that admins of groups played just killed me. When I moved across the state I stopped posting online and my drawing slowed almost altogether. My last art post her was from last year when I tried once again to start a barn, this time with BLM Mustangs so there would be no linage points or anything like that... but still, I just couldn't. 
Hot Damn - Show and Inspection by HideawayArtist  Iroa Nox by HideawayArtist  Zangrea Encarmine by HideawayArtist Playful Bougainvillea by HideawayArtist

Now we are here in 2018. I post a lot of my art, but not here. I post it to my Instagram account. I wrote and illustrated a 37-page children's book with watercolor paintings. I even published it on Amazon. I draw when I can and still mostly horses but also now my favorite cosplay costumes I either have, my friends have, or I want to make.

I won't come back to this account, but it is going to stay up to keep a record of my art, my history, and my progression. If I do come back to deviantART it will be with a new account and will be for personal fun and never to do HARPG. It ruined my time here, trying to fit in with a community to only ever be told my commission rates were too high and to have people bad mouth me across the internet. I am happy to be me and happy to have the name HideawayArtist attached to me. In fact, HideawayArtist Publishing is the name under which I published my book. It is nothing more than just a title so that Amazon's Createspace is not listed as the publisher though. 

To those who have followed me to the end, I thank you. You have been here through the ups and downs and all the barns and horses I went through. I am happy to call a lot of you my friends and worked on collabs with you through the years. If I do make another account I will let you know but otherwise, this is it for me on deviantART. I will be continuing to post on Instagram under jedi.on.horseback if you want to keep up with me still but it doesn't matter to me at all. Just be yourself and make yourself happy in your art. 

With love and affection,
Lili, aka HideawayArtist. 


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