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All of us here at HiddenYume-stock are thrilled to present the next installment in our charity anthology series Cliches for a Cause: ONCE UPON A TIME!  Available for purchase on Amazon here: www.amazon.com/Once-Upon-Time-…

(Cover art by the lovely www.emmamichaels.com)

I am so freaking thrilled about this anthology, guys. BOOK I: IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT made me proud in that we got it finished, and it was the first time we'd ever attempted to put together an anthology. But OUaT? Is so, SO much better.

We have 29, I repeat 29 authors and artists collaborating on 15 stories, and some of those artists are actually a pretty big deal. Like artist guest of honor at conventions and have artwork in freaking museums big deal. Several of them you've probably been drooling over elsewhere on Deviantart LOL Also, literally every one of our current Hiddenyume-stock darlings were involved with art and stories from each of us. It was such an amazing collaborative process.

And, it was such an incredible experience to have these amazing creatives come together for a love of retold fairy tales and a desire to support our charity this time.

Which was the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) www.rainn.org  They are an AMAZING organization, and one that was very very close to our hearts. I'm honestly pretty humbled that some of my words on paper are helping to add to the donations to this cause.

So seriously guys, I know I post anthologies I'm in over here from time to time, but if you were ever going to buy one, this is the time to do it. I'm not even asking for me since I'm not making any profit (I actually lost money lol - but it was TOTALLY worth it), I'm asking because it's a gorgeous anthology, and all proceeds will benefit RAINN.


PS - the ebook will be released next week, but honestly with the illustrations, I'd suggest buying the physical book. No really, it looks amazing in person!
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Hey everyone, it's you friendly HiddenRelevance wandering by again with some awesome news. Or at least, news that I think is awesome, and wanted to share!

My short story "Warp and Weave" has been featured in the post-apocalypse themed After Tomorrow anthology (CHBB Publishing) and is on sale today for 99 cents! smarturl.it/aftertomorrowa The release party is happening right now 7:00 PM CST over on facebook www.facebook.com/events/149590…; but even if you can't make the party, I'd love to hear that you bought the anthology and left a review or something.

This book really is a blast - tons of stories, poems, and original artwork. Really just a fantastic group of people to work with and I'd love to see this anthology succeed!

*hugs you all*
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Hey all!

I have exciting news, or at least exciting for me. We (as in oh, every model here at HiddenYume-stock with either stories or illustrations) have officially been published as part of "It was a Dark and Stormy Night: A Charity Anthology" (Book one of what is going to become our Cliches For a Cause anthology series).

It's horror themed, just in time for Halloween of course, and some of the art actually features some of the other stockers and visual artists you might seen here around DA!

And as a final bonus, all of the royalties are being donate to charity. That's right. All. Of. Them.

This book's charity is the Office of Letters and Light, AKA the non-profit organization that hosts NaNoWriMo, Camp NaNo, and The Young Writers Program. If you've ever participated or know someone who participated, this is a great way to help support their programs throughout the year!

The anthology is available here: www.amazon.com/Dark-Stormy-Nig… in both paperback and ebook form. I hope you enjoy it!

One last thing, if you do buy the book, please leave us a review! Since all the proceeds are going to charity, feedback is the only thing our contributors will actually get for all their hard work.

Thanks again!
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Busy plotting the next contest! What sounds fun to yall?

37 votes
Steampunk Mysteries
Goddesses Divine
Other - give me your ideas!
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AKA the part where HiddenRelevance attempts to pimp herself out! Or at least gets a few more likes and followers.

Some of you may or may not know, but I am a writer who is aspiring to be an author type person!

I'm currently working on agent pitches, but one of the things I keep hearing is that I need a stronger online platform or presence.

So, I created an authorly Facebook www.facebook.com/CLMCCOLLUMAUT… and Twitter page C_L_McCollum (the link won't work for some reason - but at least there's my handle!)

I'd be thrilled if some of yall would like or follow me over there! Every single sign of support makes it just a little more likely an agent will take a chance on me. Plus, I'll have news on upcoming anthologies I've submitted to, and a very special charity anthology that several of us are putting together. (More on that as the release date approaches.)

Anyway, hope to see you over there!

*hugs you all*
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