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The Green Cat Cabaret - Pikzi 3

Here is my set of entries to the incomparable jademacalla's Green Cat Caberet Contest!… And yes, this is one of my most off the wall sets to date. I'm totally OK with that!

Pikzipheliopia Magnificarileen (affectionately Pikzi)

Staff – Cocktail Waitress and Bartender

Pikzi is one of the demi-fae, sure, but that doesn’t make her a ‘little’ anything. She’s quite capable of carrying that tray, and don’t you forget it. Her wings have proved an asset over the course of her employment, and the Management has been quite impressed by how quickly she’s able to deliver drinks to patrons, even on the most crowded of evenings.

Granted, the inevitable dust was a concern when she was hired, but it’s turned out to be a bonus. The Event Coordinator hasn’t had to order glitter in months, and our aerialist swears by it for helping her reach even greater heights during performances.

As for her bar tending skills, The Green Cat Cabaret would like to hereby state that we accept no responsibility for the effects of the infamous “Pikzi Dream.” The warnings against mortal consumption of fae food and drink are clearly posted at either end of the bar. (And, for the last time, this does mean you, Leonard!)

Also, while the aforementioned beverage can and often does cause vivid hallucinations, we kindly ask that you refrain from referring to a certain other alcoholic fairy mascot. To say that Pikzi doesn’t take mentions of her counterpart well is a marked understatement. And no, the Management is not aware as to the particulars of the feud with one G. F. – when questioned Pikz would only answer that “It is a question of honor, as in the bitch hasn’t any.”

In light of the property damage that occurred after the last airing of the subject, we of The Green Cat Cabaret ask that you politely leave well enough alone.



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