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Golden Queen and Scepter



We have had the outer dress for this costume for over a year. It just didn't lay right, and we couldn't figure out how to use it. And that gold brocade was just too cool to simply throw away or pass on to someone else.

Then, last weekend when Kym came into town, we struck gold at a local Goodwill. The cream and gold under-dress was $30, but due to some massive lipstick stains (which you can't see due to the outer dress) we got it for $10.

And then we cut the outer dress in half.. and had a queen simply come to life!

We know it wasn't high on the poll, but we simply could not resist jumping in front of the camera!

(btw) The beaded snood was actually hand made by me!

BTW, sorry about the constant red-eye, we had to take these in my apartment. And, as I might have mentioned before- my eyes do some very strange things with cameras lol.



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I want to use this image. But am not ready to post my work and won't be here at deviant art. Please message me back.