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In honor of the old version of this story and its re-posting, I am going to do another contest thing. In all I plan on there being 2-3 contests before I start to post the new stuff. This is probably how its going to go down:

First contest: Art
Second contest: Literature
Third contest: ??? (Not sure yet)

So, I will do the first contest starting today. Draw your favorite scene out of my story! You can find the original postings of my story here… if you need reference again. However, I ask that you try to find it in the sections I post daily (unless you like a part further back the most). You have a week from today to finish it!

First place: 400 points
Second: Llama (WHO CARES?!) and 200 points.

Let's make this a fun contest guys, let's get excited for the release of the new story! Share this with your friends please, the more the better! I hope to see people give it a shot!
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On godness, i really want to enter.. but i dont have time to be reading your story to figure out what im drawing! Can you just tell me what scenes are there?