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I want to hold you, kiss you, take all the pain away.
And never let go.
Your warmth, your flesh, the touch of your skin,
these things I desire.
I desire you.
To feel your heart, your breath,
your soul,
your light.
I'd do anything in my power
to make everything perfect for you.
Please let me try.
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Here we stand. Our forever has just begun.
We fought so long and we finally won.
We've come this far, so please say you'll stay.
I belong to you and I won't run away.
The world is so dark, but I'll keep you safe.
I'll never give up if we're stuck in this place.
This life is so cold, but you give me light.
Your love gives me the strength to continue the fight.
I'll carry our hope until the pain is all gone.
I'll hold you to the end and into beyond.
As long as I live, I'll never turn away.
I belong to you, so please let me stay.
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Keep Going
I'm a hero to someone,
But who will save me?
Trapped inside this Hell...
Waiting to be set free...
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The Way
I don’t know where I’m going.
    I can’t remember where I’ve been.
I pay my respects to the fallen,
    But I’ll find no rest with them.
The world lies untamed before me,
    What waits if I turn astray?
I have my whole life ahead of me.
    Why not start living today?
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Take all the pain
And throw it away.
If it were only that simple.
I know something’s wrong.
I don’t like being this.
Some things I can’t change.
If I could,
You think I’d still be this way?
I lost
Lost everything
Everything that made me happy
For this one little mistake.
Let go.
Just move on.
Why do you keep saying that?
I’ve tried to change.
Tried to make myself better.
Tried to make myself happier.
It worked.
For a little while, anyway.
This fatal flaw remains.
I can conquer all else.
Wash it away, start over.
It always returns.
Grow up.
Be a man.
Shut the fuck up.
Don’t tell me about them.
Don’t criticize my issues
Unless you’re gonna help.
Forget it.
You had your chance to intervene.
Am I ok with this?
Of course not.
I lost the one
The one who completed me.
Don’t change.
I love you the way you are.
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Spiffy Me by HiddenMeme Spiffy Me :iconhiddenmeme:HiddenMeme 0 7 Odd Me by HiddenMeme Odd Me :iconhiddenmeme:HiddenMeme 0 3
Our Secret Place
       I can't wait for the day…
To hear your voice saying my name,
To play our silly passionate games,
To see you smile whenever I'm near,
To hear you say, "I love you, dear."
       I can't wait for the night…
To feel your hands within my own,
To find the night when we're alone,
To express the love burning within,
To feel you pressed against my skin.
       I can't wait for the day…
To whisper silent passions to you,
To prove to you our love is true,
To stand with you come what may,
To whisper the words I long to say.
       I can't wait for the night…
To hear your breathing turn to moans,
To feel your lust equal my own,
To whisper secrets as we dim the light,
To share with you that passionate night.
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Alone I wander through forest and field,
Mountains and rivers I cross only by strength of will.
I wander endlessly to destination unseen
And follow aimless paths to what I know not.
Ever I strive to overcome this trek
And weariness I face and struggle to forget.
If only I could give a thing, even so dear,
Just to see what lies ahead, if only beyond next fork.
The Sun has now set; clouds hover 'front the Moon,
The path has lost shape and many trails lie ahead.
Shadows cover the ground beneath my feet
And hills guard the way from sight.
Ever I strive to overcome this trek
And weariness I face and struggle to forget.
Until I see the open door
And the lights dancing across the floor.
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The Fedora aka Sexy Me by HiddenMeme The Fedora aka Sexy Me :iconhiddenmeme:HiddenMeme 0 12
Pink-Tipped Rose
Rose petals die and fade
Withering like my soul.
Why did you turn away?
Did you ever look my way?
I would ask you to stay,
But you were never really there.
Like visions that only seem
To exist, but they're only dreams.
Grasp a rose too lightly and it falls,
Too tightly and you bleed.
An untended rose is weak,
Dying like the tears on a cheek.
So I stand here in the cold
Contemplating my mistake;
And the rose petals slowly fall
Uncontrolled. I lose it all.
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Artist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: Lamar University
Favourite genre of music: Metal and Hard Rock, but I'll listen to most anything
Favourite photographer: Jess
Operating System: Windows XP Media Center Edition
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)
Well... dry spell on my art still hasn't lifted... but I have a day off tomorrow so I'll see if I can come up with something. I also found my photoshop disk so I'll get that on here and edit some of the ones I have on my computer to post.
  • Listening to: /DJS/
  • Playing: Pokemon SoulSilver
  • Drinking: Coka-cola


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