*Please refer to the actual arc pages for information on Mission rewards and descriptions, foes, allies, who's going where, etc.

Chapter 0 fav.me/d838vxw
0. Who you were: This is where you begin!  
1. D-Rank Task: Helping out in the Fields!  
2. D-Rank Task: High Speed Ninja Delivery!  
3. D-Rank Task: Find the Missing Dog!  
4. The Last Obstacle: The Man of the World.  

Chapter 1 fav.me/d6btjkb
  1. Lanterns in the Sky.
  2. The Proper Attire
  3. Let the Festival Begin!
  4. Tournament, a Test of Strength!
  5. Drinking Contest! Fox-Sword-Monk

Chapter 2 fav.me/d6gbc1h
  1. Fire!
  2. Escort the villagers to safety!
  3. Keep Searching!
  4. The Aftermath:
  5. The last of the lanterns

Chapter 3 fav.me/d6iabq5
  1. Suit up!
  2. Rebuilding the village.
  3. The journey.
  4. Blizzard!
  5. Camp.
Chapter 4 fav.me/d6jdm2h
  1. Ambush!
  2. Avalanche!         
  3. The Sparks to the Future Flame.  
  4. Snowfall Celebration. 
  5. Welcome Home. 
Chapter 5 fav.me/d6lj6dj
  1. Trouble on the way
  2. Investigation

Windmill Village Path:
    3. Surprise! Liberate the Village!
    4. Picking off the numbers.
Great Rice Fields Path:
    3. Surprise! Liberate the Land!
    4. Washed out!

Merchant's Village Path:
   3. Surprise! Liberate the Village!
   4. An Act of Heroism!

Daimyo's Fortress Path:
   3. Infiltrate the Fortress!
   4. Take over the Castle!

Chapter 6 fav.me/d6whxkx
  1. No Time to Waste:
  1. No Time to Waste:
  2. Rescuing the Village:
  1. No Time to Waste:
  2. Reclaiming the Plains to the west:

  1. No Time to Waste:
  2. Make your way to the Village:

  3. Man of the World:
Chapter 6.5:
*Finish your Timeskip application for 3 credits if you haven't already done so (You should have by now.)
Find the Timeskip Application here:
Official Time-Skip ProcessMedical Information (Before - After):
The basic, to the point medical information we have on file of your shinobi.
Registration #:
Official Rank:
Full Name:
Chakra Nature:
Likes, Dislikes, Drives, and Motivations:
The personal tastes of your OC - as well as their drives and motivations, inspirations, etc.
This will not be shared with anyone else unless YOU share it - but please, no questionable secrets.
Before the Time-Skip:
Life Goals:
After the Time-Skip:
Life Goals:
Notable Changes during the Time-Skip (if any):
Important Events during the Time-Skip (if any):
Additional Information (if any):
Stats and Abilities:
Your basic abilities before and after the Time-Skip.

Chapter 7 fav.me/d74qnhz
1. Preparation & Reflection:
2A. The Bitter Cold: (Genins (and Chūnins choose to) will take this path)
2B. The Blistering Heat: (Only Chūnins  will be able to take this path)  
3A. No calm before the Storm: (Those who took the Bitter Cold Path)
3B. The Secret Maneuver: (Those who took the Blistering Heat Path)
Chapter 8 fav.me/d78p177
1A. All is Quiet:
2A. Good News; Bad News:
3A. Bringing the Heat:    
1B. Kicking up Dirt:
2B. This time; We play for Keeps: (Dynamic Path Here!)
2C. Torture: (Danger Path Here!)
3B. Rescue: (Dynamic Path Here!)
3C. Escape: (Danger Path Here!)
4. Tender Reunion:
Chapter 9 fav.me/d7gnzrx
1. Taking a Side.
1. Insider:
Fox Faction Path:
2. Protecting Our Kin.
3. This Means War!

Phoenix Faction Path:

2. Tipping the Balance.
3. In times of Need.
 Dragon Faction Path:
2. Two Beasts with One Stone.
3. Stand as Equals.

2 or 3. The Black Sheep.
Faction War Path:
4. Showdown at Main Street.
Courtroom Path:
4. Debate at the Akarikage Castle.
Chapter 10 fav.me/d7krqle
1. Getting Back up.
2. Helping the Helpless.
3A. Ashes to Ashes (Academy Path).
3B. Clear View of the Tragedy (Castle or Other Locations (Compounds, shops, main street, etc) Path.)

Chūnin or Jōnin:
1. Making an Opening.
2. Take to the Field!
3C. A War on Two Fronts (Outside Path)
4A. Dust to Dust.
4B. The Last Stand.
4C. The Rock that Still Stands.

Neutral Path:
1. Prepare for Battle!

Chapter 11 fav.me/d7ta5x0
1A). Traditions and Tasks.  
1B). Hospital Time: Missing out on the Festival.  
2. Tournament of Strength and Might!  
0. Preparing for the Festival - (Partner Mission!)

Chapter 12 fav.me/d7xyw9m
Bamboo Forest Path:
1. The Clifftop view: A Land of Desolation.  
2. Into the Green Sea: The Land of Bamboo.
3. A Nightmare Brought to Life: The White Lily Lives.  
4. The Dog and the Shark: A New Akarikage, and an Old Traitor.  

Bandits in the land of lights path:

1. Sentry duty: Stationed in the Villages.  
2. Patrol Duty: Searching the surrounding Lands.  
3. Raiding the Raiders: A Battle with the Bandits.  
4. The Journey Home: A Job well done.  

Chapter 13 fav.me/d827hbo
Loyalist path:
1. Captured: Slowly Slipping into Darkness.  
2. A Strange Turn of Events: Unexpected Attention.  
3. A New Ally: Defend the White Lily!  

Heroic Path:
1. The Gray Wasteland: Death Looming in the Horizon.  
2. The Infiltration: Taking on the Tower of Steel.
3. The Plan in Motion: Saving Satoshi.
4. Familiar Faces: Crossing Paths.

Chapter 14 fav.me/d84f6ys
1. What I stand for: A village split in five

The Awakened Fox Faction The Awakened Fox Faction
2. Beginning with a Bang: Fireworks for Freedom.   
3. An Old Enemy, A New Circumstance: Punch out with the Phoenix!   
4. An Old Friend and a New Enemy: Protecting the Kirin Faction!   

The Reborn Phoenix Faction The Reborn Phoenix Faction
2. Enlisting a new Economy: Pamphlets for Prosperity.  
3. An Old Enemy, A New Circumstance: Fight with the Fox! 
4. The Phoenix and the Dragon: Crushing the Insolent.

The Rising Dragon Faction The Rising Dragon Faction
2. Back where we started - A Demonstration to Remember.
3. The Day of the Dragon: Festival of Freedom! 
4. The Phoenix and the Dragon: The Might of the Clan-less.

The Valiant Tiger Faction The Valiant Tiger Faction
2. Baring our Fangs: No more Dragons.   
3. An End of an Era: Riot in the Streets!   
4. The Kirin must fall: You chose the wrong guy!   

The Guardian Phoenix Faction The Guardian Kirin Faction
2. Pacifist Preparation: The Protest for Peace.   
3. Keeping the Peace: Passive Interference!   
4. The Tiger Comes Knocking: We shall not Budge!   

The Light Shadow Order The Light Shadow Order
2. Tip of the Shadow: Infiltration and Information.   
3. Hand of the Shadow: Reporting to the Akarikage. 
4. Cease and Desist: Intercepting the Faction Fights. 

Arc 15 Story Arc: Chapter 15.
1. A Voice to be Heart: The Five Factions Speak Out
2. A Message from the North: Chaos in the Courtyard
3. Tension: Voting for a Faction to help manage the village
4. The Draft: Signing up for your Employment

Arc 16 Story Arc: Chapter 16.

Path 1: Kosetsumura -  The Wolf of the North 
1. The Lands of Forever Winter: The Wolf of the North Bites
2. Apprehending Kosetsumura: A Clash of Ice and Fire
3. Surrounded: The Crimson Snow, Part II

Path 2: Tonbo Kyuden: The Dragon of the South
1. The Land of Many Graves: The DRagon of the South Bites
2. Reinforcing Tonbo Kyuden: A Clash of Spears and Senbon
3. Luring the Tin Men: The White Lily Returns!

Arc 17 Story Arc: Chapter 17
 Possible Tasks (Choose one):
1Welcome Home: Help build housing in the village for our new residents. 
2. Funeral Ceremony: Help the villagers of Kōsetsumura bury their dead. 
3. Rest and Recovery: Go home, Recover, and reflect on recent events.  

(Note: More missions will be added as they are released.)

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