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Published: September 21, 2015

Shinobi Mission Mode: The Daily Life of a Tōrōgakure Shinobi.

     In an organized Shinobi Village, Shinobi not only act as the military, but as a business too. 
Outside of situations of war, shinobi are assigned various Missions (任務, ninmu) to complete.
Missions can either be hosted by a village client or assigned specifically by the village council,
and can be anything from odd jobs, bodyguard duty, infiltration and even military operations.
Keep in mind, Story Arc Tasks count as Missions, and will give rewards for completing them.
Thus they are categorized into the Five Shinobi Rankings, based on both difficulty and danger.

     Completing Missions will earn you a Reward in Ryõs, which go towards buying upgrades,
and in some cases, additional rewards as well. Ryõs are the main Currency unit in Tōrōgakure.
Keep in mind, the Squad shares the Reward. So 2,000 Ryõs is divided by 4, becoming 500 each.
If you fail the mission, you won't get the reward − But may get compensation (if you submit it).

     Failure of a Mission is something that is generally very looked down upon in ninja society,
and has severe consequences. The Rank and importance of the mission affects the severity.
While lesser D-rank missions are not a big deal as most of them hold little world significance, 
anything above B-rank can be classified as a Military Operation, thus success is highly crucial.
Each village is different, consequences vary from dishonor, demotion, retirement or execution.
While Tōrōgakure is one of most forgiving, failure is still heavily dishonored within the village.
This sounds harsh, but it is reasonable as failure jeopardizes the village's income and safety.

     − Tōrōgakure Shinobi Rule #03: Shinobi must always put the success of the Mission first.

     On the bright side: Unlike Story Arc Tasks, you can try again to earn any missed Rewards!
As these are generally common missions, and more than likely to come up again in the future.
However, if you manage to complete it successfully − You won't be able to repeat the mission.
Completing enough missions successfully will unlock additional perks, and boost your reputation.

Proving your worth as a Shinobi: Accepting and Completing Shinobi Missions.

     Like Story Arc Tasks, you simply send a note to the group of the mission you wish to take.
It will be checked, and your success will vary depending on your StatsAbilities, and Items.
While missions can be taken at any time, keep in mind, if you're doing missions in past tense,
your stats and abilities will be reduced accordingly when it comes to deciding the success ratio.
For every mission you complete (success or failure) is added to your Shinobi Mission Record.
Keep in mind, Missions have Quality Standards which must be upheld to obtain the Rewards.

D-Rank Missions (Genin) - Risk: None (No combat or dangers).

     The Lowest classification a mission can receive. These missions are assigned to Genin only. 
Examples include finding a lost pet, aiding with chores, odd jobs and simple tasks for beginners.
They do not involve combat and rarely take longer than a day. They are intended to build skills.
Note: These Missions will all take place with your Squad when you were all Genin Ranking!

A Farmer's Lament: Find the Missing Cow!
     In Kazuguruma (Windmill Village), Old Rancher Saizō's prize cow has gone missing again!
He's worried about his prized cattle, and fears she may have been kidnapped! Find Mū quick!
There will be various times where your Attributes may be measured! Prepare yourself!

     − Mission Type: Role−Play. Client: Rancher Saizō. Reward: 100 Ryõs (and more?)

Daikon Delivery: Harvest the Goods!
     Dōmaru, one of the locals has found a miracle vegetable, and seeks to mass produce it!
Supposedly Daikon has a potent restorative power, and by consuming enough Daikon at once,
a man can restore his youthful zest, becoming much more attractive to women in his vicinity.
Medical studies are currently being done. Though, we suspect he's just looking for farmhands.

     − Total of 2.5 Tsuyo to harvest the entire field of Daikon by Sunset! A job very well done!
     − Total of 5.0 Tsuyo to harvest the entire field of Daikon before lunch! +1 Coin Bonus!

     − Mission Type: Obstacle! Client: Dōmaru, the Daikon lover. Reward: 100 Ryõs 

     − More Coming Soon.

C-Rank Missions (Chūnin) - Risk: Minimal (Some Evident Risks).

     A Low-Risk Mission Classification. These missions are mainly assigned to both Chūnin ranks,
but while Chūnin can go alone, Genin may accept them when accompanied by their Ninja Squad. 
They include bodyguard duty, escorts, and hunting bandits − all of which pose a risk to the ninja. 
But, they never involve the risk of encountering other shinobi, making them relatively lower risk.

Ghosts! Investigate the Haunted Watchtower!
     On the outskirts of the Great Rice Fields, there's reports of an allegedly Haunted Watchtower.
While our scouts have found no traces of spiritual activity, there have been reports of vandalism,
theft, and even attacks by the alleged ghost! We suspect bandits, but keep your eyes peeled...
Your Mission is to explore Tower and surrounding area, and report back about whatever you find.

     − Mission Type: Role−Play. Client: Farmer Saizō. Reward: 100 Ryõs.

Bodyguard Duty: Escort the Merchant!
     It's not safe to walk on these roads alone, especially when you're not even a trained shinobi! 
But a merchant has bills too, and must make it home safely. And your bill relies on his survival!
There's been reports of bandits prowling the area and recent murders, so proceed with caution!

     − Mission Type: Action−Oriented! Client: Ginza Council. Reward: 100 Ryõs.

     − More Coming Soon.

B-Rank Missions (Jōnin) - Risk: Moderate (May Encounter Ninja).

     A Moderate-Risk Classification. These missions are usually assigned to powerful Jōnin and up. 
Assignments involve spying, infiltration, or combat − There is a risk of encountering other shinobi! 
As a result, these tasks are dangerous and may take time. They may fall under military operations.

     − Coming Soon...

A-Rank Missions (Tennin) - Risk: Severe (Several enemy Shinobi).

     A High-Risk Mission Classification, almost exclusively used for Military Operations and Warfare. 
They relate to what is in a village's personal interests, and are extremely difficult and dangerous. 
They are only assigned to high Ranking shinobi or large groups of shinobi (such as a small army).

     − A-Rank Missions only come up in Story Arc Situations, due to their severe importance.

S-Rank Missions (Akarikage) - Risk: Suicide (No chance of survival).

     The Highest Risk Classification. All S-Rank Missions are essentially Suicide Missions by risk factor.
There have only been 6 S-Rank Missions issued by Tōrōgakure, and only 4 of them were successful.
Even the Akarikage and the entire Shikaku Seiei are assigned reluctantly to complete these missions.

     − S-Rank Missions only come up in Story Arc Situations, due to their severe importance.
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