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Sorry I haven't been around, this is pretty much why:

Its been a really rough year.

My dad had a cancer scare

I fell in and out of love in an amazing summer

Then, I had the devil (my EX) try to take custody from me (only because he's a controlling douche)

and my daughter broke her tibula
(thanks 2 her negligent sad excuse for a father)

then friday the 13th (this last)

my EX decides to go psycho and hit me while I was carrying my child in a cast because I simply asked him why he keeps stealing my clothes and returning her in junk.

He's in jail now.

On fathers day.



I'm not a bitch, this guy tried to KILL me once b4 and I let his MOM convince ME to not show 4 court back in '04, when the cops saved my LIFE LITERALLY. 4 felonies, bloop, gone.

*pounds head*

Oh, THEN, his current live in girlfriend who sounds just as psycho and messed in the head as him comes to the cop shop while they are getting my statement and starts first lying to them saying I DON'T have custody (we have joint) and second lying n saying I'm not supposed to get her that day (its only in the COURT ORDER) then third she goes and starts bad mouthing me, when shes never even MET me ever, once. Sigh. This is her... "Shes lying, she probably hit herself, don't listen to her, shes a terrible mother and she's trying to ruin our family"


YOUR family? Excuse ME? All I've EVER tried to do is create and maintain PEACE for my child. It just doesn't WORK with sociopaths! OMG!

This is not some 20 yr old kid like he usually dates (I think I called him on that one a few too many times)...shes 32!! Doesn't have ANY kids, and from what I gather from my little girl, she's a basket case. Oh, and has an alias lol Amy Coon a.k.a. Megan Donahue (too much law trouble??). Bitch, you are on my shit list. I hope when he starts beating you up and trying to control every aspect of your being, you APOLOGIZE for being so BLINDLY brainwashed (yet I can kinda understand cuz I know how good he is at it!!). But, come on now, I had an excuse, I was age 16-21 with him. But her, especially being older, and supposedly with that comes KNOWING BETTER...MYOB cunt. And for the record, I am a rockin, amazing, and loving mother from a top notch family. All it is is him being BITTER AS ALL HELL that I won't take him back! Oh, and I won't move, I love where I live.

I'm sure Amy or Megan or whomever she is is also from a scummy little town, and a scummy little family, and a scummy little life, just like my EX.

It's not being a snob, it's having accurate stereotypes from life experience.

Once scum, always SCUM. (theres occasionally an exception)
You will NOT succeed in turning MY daughter into scum.

You lose.

Game over.


If anyone is ever hit or abused or assaulted, don't do the stupidest thing I've ever done and try to "forgive and move on" not for the kids, not for your marriage, nothing. Let them sit in prison and ROT. I'm still working on getting the case reinstated, but it is hard to convince a busy Milwaukee district attorneys office to do. Even when they remember you by name (and mine is hard to pronounce!) because you were so badly beaten you looked like a walking corpse! Milwaukee, not some small town, 4 yrs ago, downtown milwaukee, they STILL remembered me. Gave me the creeps. And every day I live with these thoughts, "If only...why did I do that..why was I so STUPID to BELIEVE him..I should have nailed his ass to the wall"
Now he's either harassing me and or corrupting my perfect daughter almost every day.

But whats the saying, make your bed, lie in it? So, so much for peace, thats all I can say. Trying to "forgive" do the "right thing" not let it "come between him and his child"...SO the wrong choice. Sometimes being the better person is as simple as knowing you ARE better and letting the bad apples rot, and not feel remorse about it. Ultimately it is their choice for their behavior, NOT yours.

this concludes the public service portion of the journal, maybe someone who needs to hear it will run across it somehow. Bless.

PS: I will survive ;)
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