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I think I might be blind, but I can't find the skin that I normally use for these features.. :|
So.. I'm changing :P

7th round of features to the wonderful people who have donated points to me (and also for SRSmith who extended my premium membership :love:)

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Water of Life
It had been eighteen years since they'd seen their home world.  Eighteen years since the earth had lain before them vibrant and blue. They had come home, and brought with them the water of life, salvation for a world in need. They'd left a desperate band of men with a mission, journeyed the stars as beggars, then thieves, and ultimately destroyers to return home to be heroes.
'Orbital control, this is the Lazarus on return approach, we're inbound heavy looking for our vector, over'
Nothing but silence greeted their request.
Earth was being consumed by a terrible plague when they had left, a plague that destroyed the infected from the inside.  The doctors needed fresh blood, in great quantities in order to transfuse, and to synthesize the antibodies that had been cleaned from their blood through the generations. They had dug up a horrific judgement of a great many years ago, and no one was immune anymore. A disease their ancestors would have thought nothing of now st
Night Trains“I fell asleep for the first time on a train when I was seven.” The admission wasn’t as painful now as the experience had been at the time. “When I woke up, there was nobody there.”
“Nobody?” She intoned as though asking a question, but her facial expression showed she was merely repeating the fact.
“Nobody. My parents, the other passengers, even the old conductor with the funny hat. Gone.” I fidgeted at the memory, it was faded but still uncomfortable. “I walked from one end of that train to the other but never saw another soul. I re-found my seat after a while and eventually dozed off, and when I awoke again everyone was exactly where I’d left them.”
She cocked her head to one side to look over my shoulder, then turned around and surveyed the rest of the car. The diamonds dangling from her earlobes glittered even in the low light.
“The train looks pretty empty now.” She’d turned to face me again, and I focused
Undoing Schrodinger
The sign over the cathouse door reads simply "Preacher's".  There will be liquor up front, and women for sale out back. Pulling a stool up to the empty bar, I know I'm here for neither.
"What'll it be?" She studies the lines on my face, waiting for a reply.
"Whisky – rocks" I pull out a crumpled pack of Marlboro's, shake two free and offer one. "Smoke?"
"No thanks" she answers, placing my drink on the bar. "Five bucks, run a tab?"
"Sure." I speak around the cigarette clenched between my teeth.
"You look familiar." There's a glimmer of recognition, and she reconsiders the cigarette, helping herself. "Do I know you?" Retreating to the back bar, she searches my face quizzically while lighting the cigarette.
"Not exactly, but there's an interesting story there."
"Shoot." Her reply is indifferent as she hoists herself up on the back bar, boots beneath wide denim cuffs bracing her against the cooler between us.
"You ever hear of a guy named Schrödinger?" She raises an eyebrow and s
Jacqui Blue
Kaine rounded the corner at a full sprint, boots kicking up plumes of sand as he tried to outpace his pursuers. No gun, no backup and rapidly losing daylight, he fought the urge to panic, swallowed it down.
"Nowhere to run to Kaine, nowhere to hide." The voice bellowing between breaths, his pursuer struggling to keep the pace, but as Kaine's feet left the sand and skidded to a stop on hard rock, he knew he was right. Jagged rock faces rose up on three sides; too steep to climb fast enough not to be brought down by shredder fire, the route behind singular and unbranching.
When the three men arrived, he was leaning, back to the cold stone, hands at his side, absently chewing a chunk of root he'd fished from a pocket of his overcoat.
Realizing he was unarmed and cornered, they relaxed their weapons and caught their breath. The one closest spoke while the other two flanked him, shifting their weight on the uneven sand beneath their feet.
"I should shoot you just for making me run out here,


uae4u | [Gallery] | [Watch]
Technically he gave me the points because I won a chat event, but... well, it's still a donation :heart:
The Alley by uae4u Still Strong by uae4u Sunbeams by uae4u


Seaph-Dark | [Gallery] | [Watch]
Waterfront 2 by Seaph-Dark Slash finished by Seaph-Dark sonic boom by Seaph-Dark


tanya3286 | [Gallery] | [Watch]
Kites are meant to Fly..."Don't say it…"
She hesitated as she looked at the familiar face.
"I do though…"
Her eyes threatened to overflow as she gazed upon her old friend, "I do too…"
"It's alright… I will be ok. And so will you"
They were the words of a best friend, a childhood confidante and perhaps the soul-mate we all search for but seldom find…
So they stood underneath the shade of the trees on that brilliant sun kissed afternoon, as the breezy summer air blew as carefree as always.
Yet their spirits hitched and snapped like strings of crippled kites that could never fly away into the forgetful blue… far from the conventions of the world.
The filtered sun rays peeked through the leaves and hit their faces as they gazed upon each other for what would perhaps be the last time in their lives…
She gently kissed her on the cheek and let her lips carelessly brush against the side of her small mouth as she smiled that old familiar smile.
A smile bitt


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Andreea by cata-angel Luvru by cata-angel cherry by cata-angel


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