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:bulletyellow: Be polite and respectful to everyone in the group and do not steal or use any artwork from other artists without written permission - Failure to do so will result in banishment and being reported to DA admins. :bulletyellow:


:bulletblue: How to Join
:bulletblue: Just click "Join our group" and you are in!


:bulletred: No Soliciting!
:bulletred: This means that if you post a comment asking anyone to view something like your gallery or commissions the message will be reported as spam.

If you want to be a contributor.

:bulletgreen: -You must be in the group for a certain amount of time and be an active member.
:bulletgreen: -To submit your request, NOTE the GROUP of why you think you should be a Contributor.

Submitting to the Gallery

:bulletorange: - Upload to the correct folder.
:bulletorange: - 1 Submissions a week.

We do not accept:

:bulletred: -Photography
:bulletred: -Photomanipulations
:bulletred: -Literature
:bulletred: -Sexual themes (this counts nude art as well)
:bulletred: -Gore (keep it PG please!)
:bulletred: -WIPS
:bulletred: -notebook sketches (from school, etc..)

Thanks Rianne2k8 for the AWESOME Group icon <3

Gallery Folders

Commission: Cold by LacticWanda
Upside Down by lorenzbasuki
Adventurer by Eleweth
Behemoth commission by Eleweth
Folder for Founder, Co-Founders, Contributor
Commission for Nethradorus3 by Ruchiel
Stryder by Rianne2k8
Kaiden by Rianne2k8
Commission portrait - Crux by Ruchiel
Commish IDs
Traditional Art
Bulba by TheRabbitFollower
Verona by takmaj
[OC] Psycho by MamaLiege
Under the sea by ellianwarner
Digital Art
Night Journey by AmySilverShine
Commission : Spiral Destiny Chibi Characters by DomDozz
Looking forward to it by Riza23
Tsurechr Commission by crystalhanleyart
Digital art 2
Chibi comission for liamera by AruOwlsArts
Spiritus Silvarum by XxBattleLionessxX
Commission: Aritsuu by Mintyshi
Commission: Frieza by Varjopihlaja
Digital art 3
[Comm] Yuriko by akaxkasu94
Commission by SavilleHyde
[COM] - KitaenSilva by BiCOV
Digital art 4
First drawing of the year by NinaLife31
Mitsu by VSasha
Blumydia by AriaTheLovely
Commission for Somber by Seiashun
Autumn fox ATC by NikiKalat
Commission: False Innocence by KOKeefeArt
Maxwell ATC by LauraArtiss
Commission: Readying the Arrow of the Void by KOKeefeArt
Black and White drawings, linearts, sketches
CO: Twitterlu Grab-a-scrap 2 by Archivist-Kayl
Snowleopard by LunaWolf43
Commission: Praetia by LacticWanda
[COMM] for Mama-Devil - RAZIEL by giums
January Charms by Nelliette
Icons, pixel art
Sup Pixels by Kumotogi
Rey and BB8 (polymer clay figure) by wayleri
Feltonce by Sarsie
Song Inspired Feline Adopts (Auction) closed by Shadowhawk-Adopts



Group Info

This Group want help artists who offering commissions - you can upload your works here, show your prize list or find people which you want commissioned :)
Founded 11 Years ago
Feb 22, 2010


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7,056 Members
5,214 Watchers
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:star:Welcome to #HiddenCommissioners!:star:

:bulletgreen:Welcome! Here you can self-advertise your art, or find great hidden commissioners!
:bulletgreen:Here get you can get noticed! Send to us your commission list and you got a feature here, Group Notes only! Thanks for understanding!
:bulletgreen:Our aim to is help promote artists who offer commissions, and help people who want to commission artist by showcasing different talents here!
:bulletgreen:This feature isn´t free - we´re saving points for group premium membership and for nice contest prizes for you, dear members!


:new:Why these features are not for free? We're sometimes getting questions like these. The answer is simple - if we advertise your commission info freely everyone would want them. Look on the number of our group members! We don't want people feeling push out and in the same time it's not in our strengths to feature everyone so that's why we put there really small fee for our "services". These points are for the use of the group only - to buy a Premium and so on. I hope now everyone understand the reason why we take points from people in exchange for feature. :) :new:

All you need to know is written bellow
Here are commission prices lists from people, who offer commissions. If you have your own set of prices (and have enough points for feature), please leave group note with link to your Journal (along with what medium(s) you offer - Traditional/Digital/Mixed media(both)) and I will feature you here!(+ you can also write reasons for why you need money) :).
:bulletred: Please be patient with uploading your Commission list here. Our commission list will be udated each Week. Thanks for understanding!
:bulletred:Don´t send me points unless I confirm you free slot for you!
:bulletred:When you will send your Group Note request for featuring please leave Note with link to your journal, write for how long you want feature and quick message for your potentional commissioners (last thing is optional).   

:bulletgreen: Featuring:
- 1 Week for 10 :points:
- 2 Weeks for 20 :points:
- 1 Month for 40 :points:
- 2 Months for 80 :points:
- 6 Months for 240 :points:
- 1 Year for 480 :points:

:bulletred: Please Note the group first before sending points! First feature starting today!


:bulletred: Feature for a Week:

:bulletred: Feature for 2 Weeks:

:bulletred: Feature for 1 Month:  
:iconmichellekoilover:… "I'm doing commissions because i live in Venezuela, and desperately need the money to survive here. I can draw pretty much anything, just ask." (feature expire: 3th April 2018)
:iconsunskipp:…  "Hi! I'm a traditional artist, working with watercolor and ink media. Actually I need some help (we need to pay for my education), so I decided to do commissions. I can draw humans, monsters, furries, humanoids... With or without background" (feature expire: 8th April 2018)

:bulletred: Feature for 2 Months:

:bulletred: Feature for 6 Months:
:iconcherryblossomink:…   (feature expire: 30th May 2018)
:iconpopseacle:…  (feature expire: 14th September 2018)

:bulletred: Feature for 1 Year:   
:iconeleweth:…  Opening commissions after long pause. I can draw any real animal or fantasy character (including humans and humanoids). Note me if interested! :heart:


:bulletgreen:Rules are in, please read them all and if you do have any questions, please leave a message here. You can find the rules to joining and submitting to the left hand side

:star: Affiliates :star:
Are you active member? Do you want to help this group? So this journal is for you!

We´re looking for active contributors which will be looking on our voting system (if people are submitting arts which are not against the rules and to the correct folders) and will care about members (react on their questions and so on)
and for one or two active Co-Founder who will be my assistant and stand in when I´ll be not able to care about group (offline, very busy and other reasons). Co-Founders will got free advertisement of their commissions!

:bulletred: If you´re interested - NOTE the GROUP of why you think you should be a Co-Founder/Contributor.
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ADOPTABLE AUCTION / open by Raintectlum  
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Commission artwork  by 8Hotaru8  

Mature Content

NSFW YCH 150 USD [OPEN] by 8Hotaru8
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Commissions Info (OPEN)Hi there, even though i have other stuff to work on i'm accepting pre-ordered commissions. edit: I’m back in business go ahead and commission in comments ---------------------My artsyle is not REALISTIC, I can try to make it look detailed but it's just quite...cartoony i guess? ---------------------- What i CAN and WILL do:- Humanoid things (or humans, NO COMPLICATED DESIGNS, i will tell you if it is)- Anthros/Furries (no i'm not a furry)- Feral- Ship art- Blood/ gore/ self harm/ edgy-Backgrounds (I kinda suck but i'll try- no complicated ones either please-) What I CAN'T and WONT draw: -NSFW artwork-Vore (That's just disgusting-)-Vehicles (I hate doing them) ----------------------- I AM a procrastinator- so please don't expect all of the commissions to be done so quickly- some will, some won't based on the mood.- I can and will decline your commissions if i feel that i will not be able to do it, so don't you dare get angry at me because it will result in a block and a deleted comment.-If you ask for a commission you will start having to pay first (For some who are confused I used to make people wait to pay until after i've finished)- you MUST have a reference sheet of the character your commissioning for, if you don't have one make one PLEASE. - you can choose your commission details! Just don't make it complicated i'm not very good with poses. When you commission me PLEASE tell me what details you would like! Shaded/Background/Etc.! ---------------------- PRICES: Busts: 15 points,,,,,,, -An bust/ headshot of any of your characters (Goes from head to chest)-Only 1 character please-Shading is allowed, or any added extra details. Examples:Halfbody busts: 20 pointss,,, - A bust/halfbody of any of your character (Hoes all the way down from head to waist)-Any added details allowed Examples: Fullbodies: 30 points (DETAILS ADDED),,, -A fullbody of any character of yours, DETAILS ADDED (Background, shading, extra fur, etc.)-Added details allowed.-Multiple characters allowed (Only up to 3) but per character is +10 points. Pixel Art (bust) 30 points -only one character-animals/Humans allowed (no complicated designs) Example:,PixelArt (fullbody) 35 pts,,,---------------------- That's the end of the info! I hope some of you might get interested. if not that's alrigght have a nice day :D. Pre-ordered/Waiting list:
Kri-Sonne Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2021   Digital Artist
[OPEN] SFW/NSFW HIGH QUALITY WRITING COMMISSIONSHi, I have my writing commissions open! I'll only write a summed up journal here, but you can read the whole thing with a much better and organized layout on my Carrd.I will write: fanfiction, original work with your OCs, character or RPG lore, OC X Canon, pairings of any sexuality, headcanon, furry, interspecies, NSFW*;I won't write: kinks I am not comfortable with (ask me before requesting), non-con, teratophilia, bestiality, NSFW with minors, incest, hate speech, humanized countries, real people**, fandoms I know little to nothing about***.Specialization: novels, erotica, metaphorical writing, angst.* You must be 18 or older in order to commission me NSFW. ** TV show characters, when inspired by a fictional work, are ok. For example: I would not write any fiction about Friends (TV show) characters, but I would write a Hannibal one using the appearance of the TV show actors. *** Unless you are willing to give me all the information I need.GENERALWhen requesting a commission, please, tell me every detail that I should include in my work for 100% customer satisfaction.I have the right to decline the commission, with or without explanation. Also, I will do it if your behavior is not professional. If you treat me badly as if I was your servant, the commission will be canceled; have mercy of the dyslexic writer who is doing all the work for you.I do not accept emergency orders on short notice; I work at my own pace and I hope you understand it.My writing style is very metaphorical and does not contain any dialogues, known as "silent writing". However, the client is more than welcome to request a work with dialogue lines.The client will receive frequent updates on the commission and can request editing the work when necessary*.* I will not rewrite everything nor make major edits. If you are overly persistent, rude, or hostile about changes, I will cancel your commission and barrel you from commissioning me again.PAYMENT METHODSThe final price for my work includes a few factors:I have mild dyslexia, so it is naturally harder for me to write down my thoughts;My college schedule is very busy this year;I prioritize quality in my work, which takes intensive effort and time. I accept both USD ($) and Brazilian Real (R$) through PayPal (international) or bank deposit (Brazil only). Full payment must be made up front within 48 hours before I start working on your commission, and I will begin upon seeing payment posted to my account. No refunds nor chargebacks, even when a commission is canceled. If money has not yet been sent I have the right to cancel the commission.PRICING,ADDITIONAL FEESChaptered works: $6 / R$8 for prologue or epilogue. $12 / R$16 for both;$6 / R$8 if NSFW;$12 / R$16 for a kink.USAGE POLICY I, Alírio Cyr, do not hold any rights for the commissioned fanfictions I write. Just like fanart commissions, the commissioner is paying for my time and skills.The commissioner is allowed to:Use the work for personal use only;Print the work**, use in a RPG session, claim the right of their own original character(s);Use the work for self-promotion as long as credit is properly given and the commissioned work is preserved*.The following is forbidden:Reproducing/using the copyrighted work commercially;Taking credit for the creation of the commissioned piece;Removing my own signature;Altering the written work in any way without the writer's consent.* Fanfiction doesn't apply. ** Personal use only. Commercial use is forbidden.SAMPLESAddiction — Kiryu x Majima (18+)The Spider's Bite — Ichiban x Seong-hui (18+)Master's Call — Tachibana x Kiryu (18+) (pet play)SLOTS AND WAITLIST CAN FOUND HERECONTACT ME BY NOTE...
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* 𝐘𝐂𝐇 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 #𝟑 𝐖𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐧.*
                *  :moon: OPEN.:moon: *

      *  :moon:  YCH 2021 #3 Walking in the night garden. by DersvingMoraine    :moon: *  
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          * [i]: potted sprout pixel ADOPTABLE OPEN[i]: potted sprout pixel * 

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