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an obvious play on the physical condition of a musical note...

My opinion as to why i have included each musician above others...

Kurt Cobain
I think Nirvana's rise in music was a shining beacon in music history with countless hits and brilliant songs bringing what they considered punk that later became grunge into a wide mainstream audience paving the way for amazing bands like the smashing pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Rage, Sound garden, Alice in Chains, STP, Tool and many more to come... Although Dave Grohl would later prove his greater talent as a musician, Kurt Kobain had an uncanny feel for music, a classic rock tale of joy and sorrow, an iconic look , honest helpless gaze and feel in a generation about to become overrun by bands, and pop princess's... to me he is a symbol of Rock's last stand for those that missed the likes of Pete Townsend, Robert Plant, and Ozzy, and is a small window of what time must have been like in those romantic memories of freedom...

I also think that because many of us were here to see them we don't tend to think of them as greats like the people in our dreams, they are real and not godlike but however you look at it Nirvana stopped the world...

He is the king

Bob Dylan
The great American song writer brought dreams into reality like the twistedly strange writings of Jack Kerouac. He spoke in riddles that made sense, stood like a giant yet acted like a regular bloke. He sang tales we could somehow relate to and stood up for what he believed with the help of an honest voice and the iconic harmonica strapped across his chin...

Jimmy Hendrix
I included this man for his skills with an instrument just as much as his iconic look and reputation, for his was well earned... As his fingers slapped across wooden embraced strings he gave people another world to escape to, just as his violent outbursts with his most prized possessions spoke of a frustration echoed in a surrounding world of great disharmony...

John Lennon
To me the Beatles are the greatest band ever... the sheer amount of brilliance in there catalogue is mind blowing. There hap hazard musical skills overridden by an uncanny sense of melody. There odd ever changing looks leading the way in a world needing change. Their evolving personas and lives are another story in themselves.

To me John was the icon for this group... another classic tale of brilliance, harmony and Yoko. Of Leiborwitz and a closely followed car ride, of twisted metal, of a world in shock... of four men walking motionless across Abbey Road for the rest of time.

Sid Vicious
The most dramatic group in music history came from the gutter and then brought the sweat, scum, and wild passion of the streets into the rest of our lives... They came from know where with a sound that was so far removed from the rest of music people were left stunned bye four guys that didn't even know how to play there instruments recording one album that changed the world! PUNK had arrived!

Sid wasn't even in the band when it first started, he was a fan that got a gig when they were in need of another member after a falling out and took to the stage in fine style inflicting the pain of impoverished London upon his own skin. It was carnage... Sid became the iconic figure over lead singer Johnny Rotten with his boyish good looks, and penchant for off stage drama, none grander than the murder rap he underwent after being so drugged up that he claimed he killed his then partner Nancy because he was a DIRTY DOG! He soon after was dead and all evidence pointed to the fact he was most likely innocent. Punk was over!

She is just that, so aptly named the Madonna of the music world. She is an artist spanning numerous generations with her ever changing chameleon visaed. A woman with a vast quantity of hits enough to rival any performer that ever lived and still going strong.

Her beauty, her business savvy, her fiery determination, and sexual liberation have all influenced the world and her dance moves surprised even the most uninterested man. She is the epitome of a modern day icon.

Was a poster child for the emerging darker side of Metal, the prince of darkness, a showman of nightmarish proportions. His on stage antics were nearly as grand as the soaring Sabbath tunes they enabled them. His later stardom through reality Tv only confirming the flamboyant life he once led.

But fuck all that... he makes the design simply because he bit the head off a fucking BAT, and was quickly rushed to hospital in fear of rabies!


Stevie Wonder
Stevie is responsible for the funkiest song in history... superstition. Highs vocal skill and silky smooth tunes upon the piano are the tender ingredients required to make a spoon full of joy that one must eat on a daily basis all the while filling the mighty large shoes of Marvin Gaye.

All while being blind of course!

is a classic pianist that has stood the arduous test of time without ageing a day. In a world of manufactured and consumer designed music it is refreshing to hear the pure sounds of a distant era, expertly crafted by a master who has no equal walking among us.
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loved the deviant :) :) especially Madonna...superb
what abt MJ..The King Of POP ??
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Don't You think Cash should be here???
(it's awesome by the way!!!)
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I almost cried :/

It's sad that most of the young people now-a-days don't even know half of those legends of music
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I would have liked Prince. But thats selfish. Lol, great concept.
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This is awesome!! Would have liked to see Ian Curtis (Joy Division) in there somewhere though :)
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i like the choices of musicians, good job
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haha this is awesome and tottally true.
i caught one mistake though you said "kurt kobaine" in the about part. it was just once and it caught my eye ^^
but yeah- awesome xD
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What's Musical Notes's Font Name ?

Not : That's Awesome :)
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Sid Vicious <3 I love this.
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sid is from the sex pistols ??
haha i love it do a new one with Freddie Mercury (:
pleaaaaase (: ?
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thats so awesome!
I love it.
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Its got a very magical theme to it. I love it.
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Haha, i love it!
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ha ha ha :) brilliant
what bout using different musical notes on different banknotes

the biggest musical note will be elvis, then... :)
Awesome but what about AC/DC rolling stones? i dont know sid viscios ^ ^; though..
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awesome work!!!
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