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Eridan Shimeji

My first Shimeji! And of course it's Eridan. :3 I love hiiiim. Now he can pester the Gamzee, Karkat, Sollux, and Vriska running around my screen. X3

I referenced [link] but I didn't trace or anything! :D
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It downloads as a .rar not a .zip like its supposed to :(

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I want to use this so bad but idk how to.. >:?
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How do I use it?I have never had a shimeji before and I really want an eridan one and a Nepeta but I have no clue how to use them.
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I love Eridan and this is the most adorable thing in the whole universe~ *q*
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Can I have the download link pleeaaase, :3
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Umm sorry if this is a stupid question, but does it work on Toshiba??
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Yes, it does. I have it on my laptop, and my laptop is Toshiba.
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Hello! I just wanted to let you know that your shimeji has been featured here: [link] If you decide to make any more in the future (and I hope you do) please let me know so I can add it to the list! Thank you so much for your amazing work ^_^
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*finds this, adds to favorite and reads comments* wait... An ad is telling me there's a 50% off sale on glasses that look just like Eridan's...
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Can someone tell me how to use These? D: Im kinda new to shimjis.
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emmm... wwould you consider making it so that you can dowwnloade it as a zip file too?
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sorry, nevermind haha
i got it
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when i click the download a blank window pops up??
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Can i have the link to download it? its so cute! <3
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It's not working for me D: I'm trying to run the application but it's not workingggg DX
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Not the jar file. The other one.
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