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I love music

I created this design for the pleasure to music using headphones by the reason that, we all love the music but not everyone has the ability to play but we can listen. The cable of the headphones forms the words "I love music" the word love is symbolized by a heart.
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nice concept... you got my vote. :D

please check out mine y vote for it.

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thank you ill check it :)
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Wow, different and love the intricate design, very nicely done indeed! Voted!

Here's my entry, take a look and vote if you like it :)
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thank's ill check it =]
Hey, great design! i like the way in which cable forms the letters! you got my vote! :)

Check out my design, vote if u like :D
Here's the [link]
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Thanks for the vote shure ill check it.
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Cool! I like it! Well done!

If you want you can take a look at mine:
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I love how you wrote music and made heart out of headphones wire!!! ;p
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thanks that took me most of the time in the design
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wow very great art.

check out mine
Design 1: [link]
Design 2: [link]
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thanks ill check it.
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Great illustration, and i love the background. Good job!

Any advice on mine? [link]
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great job on your illustration i like it very much and i love the detail on the backside =]
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Thank you so much!
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That's really neat! :D But are you aware of that if you want to win, you're only allowed to use 5 colours! o: Every shade=one colour :(
Vronkizaur's avatar
Yeah It's great! ^^
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