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Cousin by HidanKitten32 Cousin :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 1 0 The Bride by HidanKitten32 The Bride :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 1 0 Xiaolin Showdown. Chase Young by HidanKitten32 Xiaolin Showdown. Chase Young :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 4 0 Wonder Wonder World Opening. Part 3 by HidanKitten32 Wonder Wonder World Opening. Part 3 :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 4 0 Wonderful Wonder World Opening. Part 2 by HidanKitten32 Wonderful Wonder World Opening. Part 2 :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 3 0 Wonderful Wonder World Opening. Part 1 by HidanKitten32 Wonderful Wonder World Opening. Part 1 :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 3 0 Wonderful Wonder World Movie Clip. Ace and Peter by HidanKitten32 Wonderful Wonder World Movie Clip. Ace and Peter :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 6 0
My Wonderland AU. Wonderland City
I'm not sure how many other people had the same idea but this is my HNKNA AU idea. It's actually one of my favorite to role play and I've kicked myself for not saving my first two role plays with them. I still have one of them, though and I love going back to read it.
Anyways basically this AU has Wonderland as a City, about the size of New York or perhaps a little bigger. It's a very strange and, dare I say, 'magical' city. It's not all that easy to enter and those that do normally end up dead or never leave. Those that do somehow manage to sneak out either forget everything about Wonderland City or end up not being able to find it again. Crime is high in the city and there are plenty of gun fights to go around. Like anywhere else, however, murder is less tolerable and crimes are punishable by prison rather than death... depending on the crime itself.
The strangest thing about the city has to be all the animal people and those that seem to have strange powers. Powers such as telekines
:iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 0 0
Not alone by HidanKitten32 Not alone :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 1 0 White Joker and Alana by HidanKitten32 White Joker and Alana :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 3 0 Black Joker and Alana by HidanKitten32 Black Joker and Alana :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 2 0
I had a random but interesting dream
So for the most part I'm sharing this because I'm bored. Like my other 'dream post' I don't expect it to get much attention at all. This is the dream I had last night (March 28th) and it jumps around a lot but is also connected in it's own ways. The way I'm going to share it is how I told a friend over Skype. The only difference is I may edit some spelling mistakes I found but was too late to edit. Anyways, if you wish to read this whole thing I hope it entertains you in a way, I can explain more in the description.
What I remember was it involved Joker, Sans at one point -:/- and Discord from MLP. When it came to the Sans part he and I both were sent to what seemed to be a prison for something I can't really remember but I think it was stealing? I remember something about a smooth stone. In that Sans and I got really sleepy in the cell and passed out. It didn't look like Joker Prison but it was i
:iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 0 0
Aria drawing attempt With horns and background by HidanKitten32 Aria drawing attempt With horns and background :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 0 0 Aria (Black Forest OC) drawing attempt by HidanKitten32 Aria (Black Forest OC) drawing attempt :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 1 0
Mature content
The Dog's Curse :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 0 0
Bunny monster Umbrieal by HidanKitten32 Bunny monster Umbrieal :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 0 0
I will tend to do more writing than posting pictures. Every time I try to post a picture it give me trouble in wanting a print.


Minky Minky Minky by Katies-Lame-Art Minky Minky Minky :iconkaties-lame-art:Katies-Lame-Art 6 0 Thats me - ACEO 039 by Arthay Thats me - ACEO 039 :iconarthay:Arthay 188 22 Request: Poetic by ZombieOwl Request: Poetic :iconzombieowl:ZombieOwl 12 8
Robin Goldfoelow
All of England was running to and fro, busily preparing for the thirty-fifth birthday of King Henry which was to be held three days hence within the city of London. By the orders of the King himself it was to be a merry day, full of festivals and contests and feasting for all!
Many trees had been cut down in Sherwood Forest, and many more were cut down in preparation of this monumental event. Suddenly, upon the edge of the wood, a small man appeared from thin air amongst the fresh cut tree stumps. He wore baggy clothes and had a lute carved from strange, dark, wood strapped across his back. He gave a low whistle as he gauged the amount of time he would have to walk in order to reach London. He estimated about three days on foot, if he traveled swiftly. Beside himself the short minstrel titled his wide brimmed hat in a nod to the forest behind him and set off at a startling pace toward the city of London.
When the day of King Henry's birthday arrived the entire city of London was ablaze
:iconshallarinath:Shallarinath 5 0
Midsummer Nights by phallen1 Midsummer Nights :iconphallen1:phallen1 22 10 Meet the Boys by Saria-Strategos Meet the Boys :iconsaria-strategos:Saria-Strategos 12 13
A Midsummer Night's Tale
If anything gave the merry trickster of the night a clue-in as to how angry his lord was, it was the fact that, not only did he call for him in such a loud, enraged way, but the mere sound sent the very ground that he had been trying to stand on quaking such that he nearly fell over in his hurry to arrive in his master’s chambers. The great look of loathing he was given did not dampen the skip that was in his step as he made his way across the marble floor and over to the king of the fairies, plopping down onto his knees before him so that he could place his arms upon the other’s legs, crossing them so he could set his head down to peer up at him like an innocent puppy. “Yes, my lord?” he asked- as though he didn’t know already.
Perhaps it was simply the fact that he was used to it, but Oberon did not push his servant off of his person, instead merely continued to glare down at him. “You try my mercy far too much for
:iconanglaise:Anglaise 34 9
Puck fanfic search engine for
:rose: :rose: :rose: SailorRocket's Journal :rose: :rose: :rose:
I got so tired of trying to search through all the fanfiction on (and without their own search engine working properly), so I just decided to make a custom search engine on google! :D
It's called "Puck (gargoyles-fans)", but you can search any character. ^^; I wouldn't recommend typing "puck oc" because everytime I tried, it wouldn't come up with anything. >.>;; But I typed just "puck" and it found everything from that site that had the name "Puck" in it. :aww:
Hope this helps anyone! X3
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:iconsailorrocket:SailorRocket 1 8
Sense Of Humor by midnightstarfire Sense Of Humor :iconmidnightstarfire:midnightstarfire 6 3 Puck in Chains by jameson9101322 Puck in Chains :iconjameson9101322:jameson9101322 314 71 Xanatos Gargoyle for Ashee by Semiramis-Audron Xanatos Gargoyle for Ashee :iconsemiramis-audron:Semiramis-Audron 3 1 Xanatos Gargoyle by Semiramis-Audron Xanatos Gargoyle :iconsemiramis-audron:Semiramis-Audron 26 5 Pucks New Found Love by Lunarius-Hunter Pucks New Found Love :iconlunarius-hunter:Lunarius-Hunter 8 0 The Gargoyles Meme by FeatherFurr The Gargoyles Meme :iconfeatherfurr:FeatherFurr 3 4 Puck - beware this face by welsh-witch Puck - beware this face :iconwelsh-witch:welsh-witch 7 13 Oberon, Tina, and Puck by Kelseyalicia Oberon, Tina, and Puck :iconkelseyalicia:Kelseyalicia 5 2
Welcome to my Favorites. Come inside and have a look

This is a new journal as the updates in the last were getting too big. Anyways, for those that have followed the previous journals, I've started the PC route for Ace. Video one has been posted to show that 'I'm still alive' but I have 11 in total recorded. For those that are new to this journal and are wondering what's going on, I make playthroughs to the Alice in the Country of Hearts game on my YouTube channel. Both with the now unable to get Mobile version and the downloadable PC version. I've done everyone at least once in the mobile app and have even replied 3 routes. As for the PC version aside the main prologue and the territory prologues, aside from Ace only Gowland was played. Oh and a bit of the Twins for when the App went wonky for a bit. Here is a link to my channel.…

Everything is put in playlists. Everything aside the new Ace route, which I won't until I get at least get 3 or 5 videos posted. 

Update 1: I am finished recording Ace's route for the PC version. Skype sounds appear in some of the videos, as does my progress bar as I look at it (it's a little hard to edit those out so I didn't. It's a blind playthrough anyways so I hope it doesn't bother too many people. I will edit out anything I absolutely have to though) Anyways, I only posted one other video as of so far but I'm going to get back to posting videos daily very soon. I'm also going to start recording for Julius on Wednesday. Well, the Clock Tower prologue part. If you have any requests please let me know. I also have a video showing how to download the PC version to your computer. Enjoy :3 

Update 2: I got almost all videos for Ace uploaded. Video 23 went up today and I only have another 6 to go. I haven't started recording much else yet, and I am going camping with in 11 days. I won't have any wifi at that point so there won't be any updates for 9 days since. I also have not started on the Clock Tower prologue yet. I'm not sure if I'll get going on that before I leave, but I'll see. Until then please continue to enjoy Ace's route as well as every other I made so far. Oh and Ace now has it's own playlist…

Update 3: So, I went camping back on July 25, got back on August 3rd, and realized i forgot to make an update ^^'. If you already check my YouTube account you'll already know this but, if you watch for these updates and then go look, Ace's route is finished. I finished it before I went camping, actually. But it is done, and it is just under 30 videos long and over 13 hours long. I have not started on the Clock Tower yet but I do plan on doing that soon. So, yeah, I just wanted to make that update before I forgot again ^^' Anyways, please enjoy

Update 4: I uploaded the movie to my YouTube Channel ^^ It's with English sub too. I found it on an anime/cartoon website but I think it's not all that 'safe.' It keeps opening new tabs when you try to pause then restart the video, and has side adds that some people may not like ^^'. Fortunately I managed to crop that part out so all that remains is the movie :P

Update 5: I started and finished the recordings for the Clock Tower. I'm debating posting them now because I recently hit 500 subs. I want to post a special video and have something in mind. I need to record a little more to get the scenes I need for the bonus video done. Although, as it's been a while, I suppose it won't hurt to get the prologue video done first. It's only 6 videos. If you haven't noticed update 4 yet, please read it :3

Update 6: Julius's route has been started. I'm only posting one video as of right now since I want to save up so I can go on a uploading spree later on. Oh and I finally reached over 500 subs :3. I made a video though am considering redoing it as the quality isn't the best in the first

Update 7: I am finally done with Julius's recordings ^^. Now I will work on posting them daily; maybe even going back to twice a day. As the list suggests below, Nightmare will come next but I won't start recording for a few days.

Update 8: Julius is finished :3 all that's left to post is his bonus video but I'm going to do that later. Next up will be Nightmare, as the list below suggests. I won't stat for a few days however. So, if you aren't subscribed to me in YouTube, don't worry, I will update here when I get that started.

Update 9: So Nightmare's route is a bust. I couldn't get it to unlock. I don't know what I did wrong since I've played Ace and Julius, got both their good endings. I'm thinking I may need to get Julius's other ending. I've made at least 12 videos before I discovered the route just wouldn't unlock so I'm turning it into a Hatter Family route instead, since there is a good ending for them. I've already got 7 videos uploaded and in it's playlist Link to my YT channel is at the top. Oh, and if you don't read through these updates and ended up missing it, I did find the movie and uploaded it to YouTube

PC Ace - Finished 
PC Clock Tower prologue -Finished
PC Julius - Finished
PC Nightmare - A bust. Posted bonus scenes of him instead
PC Hatter Family- Started
Replay Julius App
Reply Elliot App
PC Boris

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Name: Ashley. No I will not give you my last name

Age: I will be 20 on March 21 but I have slight mental issues that make me think like a 12 year old (though I can act my age when I need to/when I try)

Personality: Kind and friendly when given the chance or with people I like. emotionless and depressed a lot of the time. Has a bad temper and low self asteam

Other Well there isn't much else to say or I want to say. I do more stories than drawings as I am not too good at that kind of thing. That's it, I guess



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