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Ma Babe Vol. 1

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Love this! What program did you use?
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Értelmetlen káosz. Mégis mit akar ez jelenteni?
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very nice work dude
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your grain and dots make the image seem too messy, also, the pink/purple like light just behind her head in the distance gives you a comepletely incorrect light source =X

Maybe some de-noise towards the top of the image, just a little.

I like your placement of the smoke although it's a shame you didnt add some little flames :)
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sh!t. nice photo manip man. The flare just kicks ass bro. the colors are very warming and the halftone-like shirt is fckin detailed.. Sweet ass design !
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aaawwwww.... :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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The smoky wisps are a nice touch~
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Awesome pic! GJ!
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Osztom Yetina véleményét, a másik kettőnél sokkal többet tudsz!kicsit elkülönül a 3d-s ké;p és a lány( ok ) szerintem, de ez viszont tényleg jól sikerült!
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Very nice ! Where did you get the smoky, swirly textures?
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ez a legjobb a sorozatbol!!! .. a tobbi kicsit munek ez mindent visz
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Nice, I love the atmosphere in this piece. But I don't quite like the pink/purple lens flare over her face, but I don't know why:slow: Anyways, goodjob:thumbsup:
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