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BlueStar Blend

photoshop only
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incredible o.O turorial?
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Wicked stuff mate.
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look damn cool :+fav:
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im gonna fav this because its stunning that you did it in photoshop only. loving the reflection. really nice.
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amazing work
but ps only? wow O_O
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photoshop only?!!?

its great work
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hmm... now... where have i seen those shapes before... hmmmm... not a rip, that's for sure.. but we both know who builds shapes like that dont we? :devilish:

apart from that.. superb image! i like it a lot!
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no, you did not just make something in PS only that looks that real...

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This is beautiful..
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how do u mean sickness? its bad? :-I
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im getting sick of the awesomeness :)
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okay, here is the details
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Awesome work. i was thinking cinema 4d for sure but i was wrong :)
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hehe, egyszer csinálsz valamit 3D nélkül, és akkor sem hiszik el:D tetszik, télleg nagyon érdekes forma, megint mondtam valami értelmeset:D
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