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anatomy practice :iconhiccuporrell:hiccuporrell 2 1
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Masky/Tim X Reader X Jay Ch2
~Readers POV~
I walked with Jay to rosswood park. "So, how long have you been here?" Jay asked. "Uh, about um... I don't know..." I sighed. "Hey! Excuse me!" I suddenly yelled to someone walking out of the woods. They wore a white hoodie, black pants and black convers, their hair was black. They had the hood over their head, and their head was bowed.
It froze once I got close enough, well me and Jay. It lifted its head and looked at us. "Do you need something?" It asked, well, she asked. "Um..." I stumbled on something to say. "You two going into the woods?" She asked. "Yeah, we are..." Jay said. "Alright, Mind if I join you? My name is Holly. What are your guys names?" She asked.
"I'm Jay." Jay said. "And I'm (y/n)." I said. "Well. Nice to meet you. So lets go." Holly then took out a knife from her hoode pocket. "What? Is it illigal to carry a knife?" She asked. "Yes!" Me and Jay yelled. "Oh calm down! It's just for protection!" Holly giggled. She turned to the woods then froze. "uh..
:iconchristianthecat:Christianthecat 7 3
Tim X Jay
It was when Tim found Jay dead in the corner of the room. Clutching the gun wound on his side. Tim fell to his knees at this horrific sight. With tears streaming down his face, he crawled next to the dead body and gently kissed it. His warm lips met with his cheek, moving to the side, his lips quickly met with Jays.
Tim just stood there, his lips on the dead body. He slowly pulled away and said "I wish I could have told you that I liked you before it was to late." Then again he started sobbing on his chest. But suddenly, Tim heard a faint wheezing sound coming from Jay. He quickly moved back as he saw Jay starting to sit up and yawn. "Tim, is that you? What are you doing-" Right before Jay got to finish, Tim leaned over and kisses Jay right on the mouth. Jay gasps at this sudden action, but soon joins in.
But wait, it's not over yet! Because hoodie was after Jay at the time, he got to record everything. So that memory would forever be in Hoodie and Slendys minds.
Hi guys! This is my fi
:iconcreepypasta2342:Creepypasta2342 8 1
Tim/Masky x Reader x Jay Ch1
~Jays POV~
I had my camera at ready as I walked out of my hotel room. Still have no idea how in the world I got there. I wandered down the hall and saw a girl about my age with (h/l) (h/c). "Excuse me!" I called to her, I haven't seen anyone in this hotel besides the staff and Jessica. The (h/c) haired girl turned and looked at me. "Um, y-yes?" She said, she seemed a bit warry.
"Hey, uh, i'm Jay." I said, just to sound friendly. "I'm (y/n)." she said, eyeing my camera. I glanced at her hand and she also held a camera. "What? Oh you looking at this?" She asked, holding up her camera. "Uh, yeah. Whats it for?" I asked. "Er... I can trust you so that you don't think i'm crazy, Right?" She asked.
"I won't think your crazy, Promis." I said. "Well... I think i'm being watched. I constantly forget things now. I don't even know how I got here or why i'm here! I keep seeing this tall faceless person. And your the only person besides a girl named Jessica I have ever talked to since I came to thi
:iconchristianthecat:Christianthecat 9 16
Me Too (Jay x Tim fanfic)
Me Too.
Tim was laying in his bed, his arm draped over the side like a rope. He was staring at the ceiling, but his thoughts traveled much farther than the interior of his apartment.
Lately, Jay was all he thought about. His cute smile, and the way he stuttered a little bit when he talked to Tim. There was only one thing that bothered him about Jay. Every time he was around him, Tim wanted to tell him that he absolutely adored him, but always failed to do so, and it made him feel stupid. So he stayed there, in the same position for what felt like hours when the phone suddenly rang. It startled Tim, but then he regained potential and picked it up. "Hello?" He said in a drowsy tone. "H-hi, Tim," spoke a familiar voice. "It's Jay.." Tim thought, overjoyed to hear his sweet voice. "Hey Jay, What's up?" he asked. "Um...could I come over to your place?" He said in a nerv
:iconlavenderkoopa:lavenderkoopa 15 3
Ends of Darkness (Tim x Jay)- Ch. 1
The calm sway of the trees under a midnight glow did little to ensure the frail, kicked puppy in their branches.
Which in fact, Jay was at the moment.
He looked up at the sky. His eyes like usual were outlined in purple. One of his amber orbs had a darkened tone around it, indicating a freshly woven black eye. It shown well on his pale skin. His lips were chapped from the cool of the night. He felt like he had taken a sledgehammer to his left shoulder and found it painful to move at all. The young cuts donning his flesh at all angles turned his clothes a shade darker with crimson.
Jay was exhausted.
Exhaustion wasn't even a word at this point. He had been stumbling around for hours, maybe days, not knowing where he was and simply not caring. He was dehydrated and needed food. The hissing of the warm wind at his back make him even more uneasy.
In his mind he saw those painted, black lips and huge black eyes. They held knives against him and nearly killed him. He was close to death by no
:iconakkordvondir:AkkordVonDir 16 12
-Insert Clever Title Here-
Tim came home completely exhausted from work, today.
He wanted nothing more than to take a hot shower, sit
down and relax. He kicked off his shoes and shuffled over
to his bedroom door and twisted the knob. He came in to
find Jay standing in the middle of the room wearing one
of Tim's t-shirts..just one of Tim's t-shirts..
Jay sharply turned around pink-faced and embarrassed.
"I-i.." the boy stuttered, unable to think of something to
say. Tim, also blushing, has secretly loved Jay for awhile
now, and only thought the boy cuter in his shirt. Oh, how
he just wanted to tackle Jay and kiss his soft, cute looking
lips. To explore Jay's mouth with is tongue. The thought made
Tim blush even more.
Jay looked down "I...I missed you, I'm sorr--"
The boy was stopped by Tim pressing a finger to his lips.
"Don't be sorry..I missed you too." Tim gently embraced the
boy in a big hug, wrapping his arms around Jay's waist.
Jay hugged Tim back and lied his head on Tim's shoulder, closing
his eyes
:iconibarbiebeatdown:ibarbiebeatdown 56 49
Chains: Part 46 (Eyeless Jack x Reader)
EDIT: Somehow the last part of the chapter did not transfer when I copied and pasted!! It continues after Jack first says "Microsleep". Sorry for the inconvenience!
{Reader’s POV}
        I finished off my sandwich in silence, sighing as I washed it down with a glass of [drink]. Today, Jack was just acting... off. Usually when I ate he’d try to sneak up behind me and sniff my hair, but today he just sat across from me and kept spacing out. I even “meowed” at him three times without any reaction. Meowing ALWAYS got his attention, regardless of what he was doing; I’d managed to chase him out of the cabin once or twice so he could finish a book. Given that not even that worked, this just felt REALLY serious.
        What was on his mind? He seemed so bothered. Did he—
        My thoughts were cut off as I heard a loud ‘thump’, making me give
:iconvalentinesdaygreen:ValentinesDayGreen 230 145
Chains: Part 44 (Eyeless Jack x Reader)
{Jack’s POV}
       The dictionary described the term “humidity” as the amount of moisture in the air.
       Jack, however, described it as his worst enemy on a hot day.
       He and [Name] were currently sprawled across the couch and armchair in the living room, neither of them moving. Earlier they’d foolishly tried to go to the clearing to continue working on the dummies, which turned out to be a bad idea. Ultimately it resulted in them both returning to the comfort of the air-conditioned cabin after ten minutes of inhaling heat instead of actually breathing. Since then they’d entered a state of pure lethargy as they attempted to recover from the heat.
       For once he’d ditched his trademark black hoodie, even changed his t-shirt because the other one was so damp with sweat. [Name] also changed her clothes, and he enviously eyed her shorts and [f/c] v-neck t
:iconvalentinesdaygreen:ValentinesDayGreen 242 185
cutie with glasses by Rainy-bleu cutie with glasses :iconrainy-bleu:Rainy-bleu 129 35 Lonely Proxy by BlackCat5643 Lonely Proxy :iconblackcat5643:BlackCat5643 497 397 2 oc 1 ponysona by SweetDawnCaramel 2 oc 1 ponysona :iconsweetdawncaramel:SweetDawnCaramel 6 0 A ponyfied friend by SweetDawnCaramel A ponyfied friend :iconsweetdawncaramel:SweetDawnCaramel 1 0 Sweet treat Rainbow power by SweetDawnCaramel Sweet treat Rainbow power :iconsweetdawncaramel:SweetDawnCaramel 10 4 Caramel buttons Rainbow power by SweetDawnCaramel Caramel buttons Rainbow power :iconsweetdawncaramel:SweetDawnCaramel 12 4 Dawn Shine Rainbow Power by SweetDawnCaramel Dawn Shine Rainbow Power :iconsweetdawncaramel:SweetDawnCaramel 1 0

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