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Welcome to Hiccup-x-Astrid! Thanks for stopping by! Whether you're a member, an interested deviant, or just a browser, we're glad to have you!
This is a fan club for Hiccup and Astrid, dedicated to sending their love to your inbox. We search high and low on deviantART to collect as wide a range of art as possible, all celebrating the adorable relationship between our favorite Vikings. If you wish to call this group home, simply press the join button up yonder.

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If you love the relationship between Hiccup and Astrid in the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy, this is the group for you!

Our goal is to make this group a place fans can call home. We desire to create a welcome and friendly environment where deviants can post art, hold discussions, meet new friends, and celebrate the love between Hiccup and Astrid.
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Whether you have seen How To Train Your Dragon 2 yet or not, we can all agree that Hiccup and Astrid's relationship has evolved. It's been five years since the first movie and their bond has grown much stronger Let's hear what the cast and crew have to say about their strengthened connection.

"Astrid and Hiccup have an easygoing, relaxed and comfortable relationship. Astrid is a natural Viking, in that she’s athletic, aggressive, capable, and super-smart with strong leadership skills, in contrast to Hiccup, who’s wavering and unsure of where he’s heading in life. In this film, Astrid becomes the strong, supportive voice of reason." - Dean DeBlois (Writer/Director), Source

"I (Stoick) see what a great stalwart [Astrid] is for my son, how much she grounds him. She's the voice of reason to Hiccup. She's a warrior as well. I think she reminds me of my wife because my wife was super strong, super competitive, and uncompromising. And that's Astrid. I wanna see my son grow up. I wanna have grandkids, and I want it with the coolest chick in the clan, and that's Astrid."Gerard Butler (Stoick), Source

"[Hiccup and Astrid] are 5 years in, so the butterflies are gone.  It’s nice to see a comfortable relationship where affectionate little touches or the way they sit together,  has a comfort level to it and support.  Astrid is the type of character that is not going to be afraid to call Hiccup on his nonsense, to be his reason when he is too absorbed in his own indecision.  I think that’s really great.  If anything…Astrid is saving Hiccup in this movie instead of the other way around." - Dean DeBlois (Writer/Director), Source

"Their relationship is still very playful and competitive, but they match each other in their lust for life and adventure. What is fun is that our characters are more grown up now. Because there is a romantic aspect to their relationship, there are more tender moments between them.  In the first film she was thinking: ‘Who is this guy? Why should he get to be chief of Berk when I’ve worked hard my whole life?’ But this time she’s his number one supporter because she sees that he’s special and totally capable of leadership. She is a partner in his adventure." - America Ferrera (Astrid), Source

"What I loved about this second one is that we got to explore the softer sides of [Astrid]. Her tender relationships with Hiccup and how much she loves Hiccup. What I love about their partnership is that they both have their strengths and they both have their weaknesses." - America Ferrera (Astrid), Source

"I think we're (Hiccup and Astrid) a couple now. But she doesn't make fun of me any less. One of my favorite parts in the movie is when we see Astrid do an impression of me. It's quite funny. She's every bit as tough and brave as she was in the first film." - Jay Baruchel (Hiccup), Source

"The second film is five years after the first film and it seems as if Hiccup and Astrid have gotten a little bit more romantically involved and comfortable with each other. And I would say they are boyfriend and girlfriend. They never say “boyfriend and girlfriend” but I think that’s what’s going on. They’re both incredibly independent spirits and very independent in their own rights, but are incredibly supportive of one another. Astrid is Hiccup’s number one defender and champion but also her own leader in her own right."America Ferrera (Astrid), Source

"Astrid is still a strong feminine character. But she is a little less tomboy and a little more glamorous. Her relationship with Hiccup has evolved. They are somewhat like Prince William and Kate Middleton, only Viking style." - Pierre-Olivier Vincent (Production Designer), The Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2

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