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:iconhiccup-hedgehog18:Hiccup-Hedgehog18 posted a status
Dear Readers

By now you’ve probably noticed the slight twist in my story. I just wanted to say that the stories I told Renamon in Chapter 6 (the one about my first time seeing Treasure Planet and the one about my first time eating chocolate) are true! Please don’t use that against me; I’ve already been taunted about things like that before, which leads me to the subject of Chapter 7. In that chapter, I had yelled at one of the students; truth-be-told, I would literally have that reaction if that scenario happened. I have been targeted by bullies for most of my life, and I wish I could forget about it; but, because it has happened for so many years of my life, it haunts me to this day! So, please do me a favor and don’t taunt me about anything in this story!

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“Thank you for your cooperation!

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