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To the reader,
Hello! I’m writing this to tell all of my readers that I will be putting the main story on hold until sometime around the middle of November, probably around Thanksgiving; however, I will be posting a holiday special story when it gets closer to Halloween. I hope you are all enjoying my story, because I’m enjoying writing it; heck, I almost FELL ASLEEP one night while writing my story, most people fall asleep while READING stories!
Anyway, Thanks again for your time and consideration!
Sincerely, Hiccup-Hedgehog18
Hello DeviantArt Fans! My Name is Hiccup, and I’m a relatively new member on this site. Art was always a part of my life, ever since I could draw random cartoons; but, I was always shy to show off my art to the public because I was always afraid that I would be ridiculed for my skill. I should probably mention that I am on the Autism Spectrum, so I’m very sensitive and very unbalanced with my emotions. When I first found this website, I felt that it would be a great place to share my art online and bond with other artists; furthermore, I’m looking forward to supporting more artists in their work as well! My primary style of art is cartoon/sketch art, and most of my art will display certain emotions that I have a difficult time physically displaying. Let it be known that I’m not usually active on websites like this, so if you send me any messages, it may take me a while to read them. Thanks for your time, hope to see more awesome art from everyone!