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Treasure Planet

Saturday , June 30th; 12:00 p.m.

Hiccup, Renamon, Amelia, Delbert, Jim, and Mr. Arrow were soaring in the air above Treasure Planet, and they were out of sight from the pirates.

“We need to find a more defensible position!” Amelia implied, she then steered the long boat down low into the forest of what looked like mushrooms. When they landed, Amelia reached over to grab a pistol from the storage base of the long boat, handed it to Jim, and said “Mr. Hawkins. You, Mr. Hedgehog, and Ms. Renamon scout ahead! Mr. Arrow, Doctor Doppler, and I will salvage anything we can from the area to keep us fed!”. Jim, Hiccup, and Renamon all said “Aye Captain!”, and began scouting ahead, and Morph followed them too. They came across an open area with smaller, denser, plant life around them; suddenly, Hiccup heard a noise from behind that sounded like some sort of mechanical device. He turned around and the mysterious source noticed that it was heard and hid behind some of the tube-like plants. Hiccup whispered “Guys! I think something is watching us!”, then he went over to where the mysterious source hid itself.



“Ah this is fantastic! Carbon based life forms come to rescue me at last!”, said the rusted robot that jumped out and scared them. The robot said “Oh sorry, it’s just....I’ve been marooned for so long-Solitude’s fine; don’t get me wrong, for heaven sakes after a hundred years....YA GO A LITTLE NUTS!!! Hehehe!”. They all looked confused, then the robot said “Sorry, where are my manners. I”, he paused. Morph shape-shifted into a version of him and made a coo-coo-clock sound, until Jim put his hand on Morph’s head to stop him.

The robot suddenly shouted “BEN! Of course, I’m Ben. Bio Electronic Navigator, and you three are....?”, then they introduced themselves. Hiccup said “Look, B.E.N., we don’t have time to talk. We’re trying to find a place to hide and there are pirates-*!”, then B.E.N. interrupted him and said “Oh, PIRATES. Don’t get me started on Pirates, I don’t like them! I remember Captain Flint, this guy had such a temper!”. Hiccup zipped back over to B.E.N. and asked “Wait, YOU KNEW CAPTAIN FLINT?! So then you have to know about the Treasure!”, then B.E.N. asked “Treasure?”. Hiccup continued “Yeah, you know ‘Flint’s Trove, the Loot Of A Thousand Worlds’?”, and B.E.N. said “Ya see it’s all a lil-lil-lil fuzzy!”

“Wait. I-I re-re-re-remember. I do I-TREASURE, Lots of Treasure. Buried in the-centroid-centroid-centroid of the mechanism. Then there was this big door, opening and closing and opening and closing *power down noise*, and Captain Flint wanted to make sure that nobody could ever get to his Treasure, so I helped him- *Digital Error noises* Eh-de-DAH DATA ISN’T ACCESSIBLE!”, then B.E.N. and Hiccup spoke back and forth. B.E.N. said “REBOOT!” 4 times and Hiccup said “B.E.N.!” 3 times before....


B.E.N. went back to normal and asked “....and you are?”, then Jim asked “Whoa whoa wait! What about the Treasure?”. As Jim and B.E.N. continued talking, Hiccup walked off a few steps and tried to remember what B.E.N. was talking about. He snapped his fingers as he remembered what B.E.N. had forgotten, then he went back over to B.E.N. and asked “Do you mind if we crashed at your place for the night?”. B.E.N. replied “No, I don’t mind at all!”.


B.E.N.’s hideout

Treasure Planet

Saturday, June 30th; 4:30 p.m.

Amelia, Delbert, and Mr. Arrow had just arrived and began settling down. B.E.N. said “Ah, Sorry for the mess. You’d figure in a hundred years, I would’ve dusted a little!”, then he looked at Hiccup and Renamon laying next to each other and said “Aww, isn’t that sweet?!”. The moment was short-lived, because Hiccup’s left ear twitched, his eyes opened, then he sprang up, went to the entrance. He noticed that the pirates had followed them, then they opened fire, and Hiccup returned fire by first yelling “SHURIKEN BLIZZARD!!!” and sent thousands of dry ice ninja stars straight back at the pirates. The attack hit all of the pirates; it didn’t kill them, it only stunned them for a few hours, then Silver called out “HELLO UP THERE! Jimbo? If it’s alright with the Captain, I’d like a short word with ya!” Then Amelia said “He’s come to bargain for the map!”, then Hiccup said “I have an idea! Everyone gather around....” Hiccup whispered the plan to everyone.

~~5 Minuets Later~~

Hiccup and Jim walked down to Silver, then Hiccup said “You want the map?”. He paused and looked at Jim, then looked back at Silver and said “....Here!”, as he tossed the map to Silver. He caught it and said “Yer cooperation is most appreciated lad! Thanks to you, we’ll be off to finding the Treasure and we’ll leave ya Half the Treasure to take with ya!”, then Hiccup and Jim went back up as Silver went back to defrost his crew.

~~That Night~~

In the sky above Treasure Planet

Saturday, June 30th; 8:30 p.m.

Amelia, B.E.N., Jim, Hiccup, and Renamon had snuck off to secure the Treasure, and they were using the REAL map. Jim then said to Hiccup “I’m actually impressed that you’re plan worked, Hiccup! I was beginning to think that he would’ve found out the second he caught it!”, then Hiccup sarcastically said “Well, at least THAT map is back with its original owner!”. Once they reached a good place to stop and land the ship, they got out and followed the trail; suddenly....

“MMF!!”, Renamon’s voice was muffled, then the heard the sound of a gun charging up. They quickly turned around and saw Silver holding Renamon captive. Silver said “That was a dirty trick ya pulled on us this evenin’; using Morph as a decoy! Now, yer gonna take us to the Treasure, or else the fox is gonna swim with the stars!”, Hiccup said to Silver “Okay okay, just don’t hurt her.”; but, he communicated with Renamon through telepathy saying “Renamon, when I open the correct door, I want you to warp beside me and get ready to grab as much Treasure as possible, then when we have as much as we can carry, we get the hell outta here! Ready?”. Renamon communicated back “Yes! Should I tell the others?”, Hiccup replied “Only to Amelia!”.

They began walking to their destination, as they were doing this, Renamon telepathically told Amelia everything. Hiccup asked “Jim, may I see the map?”, then Jim tossed the map over to Hiccup, and he began searching on the ground. As Amelia was whispering the plan to Jim and B.E.N., Hiccup found a strange circular dent in the ground. Silver asked “Why are ya loathing on the ground boy?”, then Hiccup found it and said “THERE!” before slamming the map into the dent; suddenly, there was a wave of green lights emanating from where the map was placed in. A big holographic sphere rose up from the map on 4 holographic stilts; but, before Hiccup even touched the holographic sphere, there was a sudden thunder-like sound in the distance. A giant green laser shot up in front of them, formed it’s self into an acute triangle, then opened up to reveal a doorway to the Lagoon Nebula. Everyone was stunned by this, then Silver said “Lord have mercy!”, Jim continued “The Lagoon Nebula?!”, and Silver replied “But, that’s halfway across the galaxy!”.

Hiccup turned to them and asked “Is everyone ready?”, as they nodded “yes” Hiccup said “Be careful. The place is booby-trapped, there will be a laser scanner by your feet when we enter. Do not, I repeat, do NOT move through it; instead, watch your feet and step over the scanner, are we clear?”. Everyone said “Aye!”, then Hiccup turned back to the holographic sphere, hit the correct button, and the door opened to the center of the planet. Hiccup jumped backwards toward B.E.N., Jim, and Amelia, while Renamon warped out of Silver’s grip to get to Hiccup. Hiccup used Chaos Control to warp into the center of the planet and they landed on Captain Flint’s ship. B.E.N., Jim, Amelia, and Renamon began collecting as much Treasure as possible; however, Hiccup began working on getting the ship up and running. Fortunately, the pirates actually took Hiccup’s warning into consideration and none of them set off the alarm for the trap. Hiccup got the ship up and running; but he didn’t start setting sail yet, then he jumped off the ship, sped around collecting as much Treasure as he could carry, went over to the others, warped them and their treasure back to Captain Flint’s ship, and sped off to start up the ship.

As soon as the ship began floating up, the pirates began crying out for help up. Hiccup shouted back down to them saying “WE’LL BE BACK! WE NEED TO PICK UP THE OTHERS! STAY PUT!!”; but, Hiccup suddenly noticed one of the pirates heading towards the exit in excitement, completely forgetting about the trigger. Everyone began panicking and screaming “NO NO NO NO NO....!”, then he crossed the trigger setting the timer for the trap.
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