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I passed the "Comic Market78"!
Oh goody! YATTA!!!!!!
I'm gathering the manuscript which is being drawn now.

It recruits guests of my fanzine now.
(The center of this POLICENAUTS)
(Fee is only a book. There is no transfer of money.)

Will you make it with me?
My English is unskilled. But I'll try the best for you.
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Do you have scans that I can translate?
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My English might be wrong. I'm sorry.

This fanzine(doujinshi) have not gotten the permission of the reprint of all the guest.
I think that it is impossible to put it on the Internet.
However, my friend's tk4-master is putting the manuscript on deviantART.
It is this illustration [link]
Mr. tk4-master is a guest of my doujinshi.
He has not made a doujinshi.

Doujinshi I have put Facebook from time to time.

The Japanese character is often called "do not want to show the contents of the doujinshi."
The reason for this is that the case had been sold unauthorized copies of the doujinshi,
Because there are many cases lie with the third party "drew this doujinshi."

I do not think a bad person you are.
I will tell our friends in Japan to this comment of your time.
Future, I will consider with my friends in Japan about the translation of doujinshi.
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Ah, I see now.
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I'm sorry if I offended you.
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You didn't offend me, actually. I was just wondering.
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I am afraid that the company complains about that the company's copyright was violated by me.
As my Doujinshi is seen more by many people, the possibility more that I am complained by the company.
Please forgive me.
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Ah, darn... Looks like it's back to Internet surfing.
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Wow, a Policenauts doujin at Comiket 78? That's fantastic. :D
Good luck with the manuscript too, I hope it turns out well! And I hope you find some good guest artists for the doujin!

Good luck! :)
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Thank you for your kind message,
which motivated me so much :hug::heart::heart:

My deviantART space will upload the finished dojin(fanzine)-cover!
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Oooh! Looking forward to it! :) If I was at Comiket 78, I would have bought the doujin. :)
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+Japanese version(日本語版)


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