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:iconhibejime:Hibejime posted a status

Dr. Blowhole: Wait! Rewind a little! The lobster by him presses a key on his keyboard and you hear a rewinding sound

Skipper's voice (on screen): Hans!

Dr. Blowhole: Too far back, fast forward it. The lobster presses keys continuously, trying to fast forward it

Dr. Blowhole's voice (on screen): Wait! Rewind a little!

Dr. Blowhole: Too forward! The lobster presses another key on his keyboard

Skipper's voice (on screen): NOOOOO!

Dr. Blowhole: Th-th-th-that's it! Freeze it!

Lobster : You want me to freeze sound, Doc?

Dr. Blowhole: That is definitely the scream of an arch-enemy...Who has met his doom! 
*laughs *

Lobster : I mean, I can freeze picture, but sound exists in a continuum

Dr. Blowhole: I get it, whatever! 
* goes off on his Segway *

Lobster: It's just that you asked me to do the impossible, and, uh, not the first time, I might add

Dr. Blowhole: * leans into the lobster, looking rather fierce *
You know that big pot of water in the back that I keep at a steady, slow boil, next to the movie butter?

Lobster : * scared *
Sound is frozen!

Dr. Blowhole: See? Freezing sound, destroying Skipper...
Here at my evil organization we do the impossible every day
* A lobster is sipping coffee and is so scared when Dr. Blowhole leans into him that he nearly drops his mug *
* another lobster is writing with a pencil and gets scared when Dr. Blowhole leans into him, but is a little brave when he holds onto his pencil *
* francis can now be seen on the map*
We...can do...anything! 

lobster : Yes! 

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